Are Cherokee Horse Trailers Good? [Key Features Of It And Its Pricing Idea]




Key takeaways:

  • Cherokee horse trailers are a good choice for transporting a single horse, offering safety and comfort during travel.
  • They come in various sizes and configurations, from one-horse trailers to living quarters setups for longer journeys.
  • Cherokee stands out for its innovative features, variety, and international presence.
  • Pricing varies based on size and features, with basic horse trailer models starting at around $14,900 and deluxe versions costing more.

Horse trailers are becoming pretty popular nowadays, just like cargo trailer. It has all the reasons to be. Horse trailers have good looks, and all the features make your horse comfortable. And Cherokee horse trailers are ruling the horse trailer industry. I get so many suggestions for this. But are Cherokee horse trailers good? Is it all the hype or truth?

Are Cherokee horse trailers good

Well, luckily, yes, it is! Cherokee horse trailers have all the reasons to rule the horse trailer industry. I was also in doubt, like you. Because you can’t just spend a dozen dollars on something just because of the hype. Also, there is your beloved horse. So, you need to be extra careful.

You need to research to dig out the truth. I know you don’t want to go through that hassle. The good news is you don’t have to. I have researched for you. Read on to learn all about Cherokee trailers reviews.

Are Cherokee Horse Trailers Good?

So, are Cherokee horse trailers good? Cherokee horse trailers are a great pick if you only need to move one horse. They’re made for that job, so it’s pretty straightforward and handy. These trailers give your horse enough room and keep ‘me safe while on the go.

You have to make sure the trailer matches your horse’s size and what they need, but for a solo ride, Cherokee trailers work well. This is like a cargo trailer for your horse. Its features are a cargo trailer, too.

They usually come with stuff like airflow, tie-downs, and safety stuff. You need to follow the rules and make sure your horse travels safe and sound. So, if it’s just one horse you’re moving, Cherokee horse trailers are a smart and perfect horse trailer.

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Who Makes Cherokee Horse Trailers?

Cherokee horse trailers are manufactured by Cherokee Trailers, a company based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Tom and Wanda Welchel founded the company in 1989. Their wish was to be a big player in this industry.

Well, they got their wish. Fast forward almost 20 years. Their company, Cherokee Trailers, has dealers all over the U.S. Not just that, it got known in Canada, Australia, and even Puerto Rico. Since then, the horse trailer industry has been king.

What Are The Key Features Of Cherokee Horse Trailers?

Key Features Of Cherokee Horse Trailers

This isn’t talk of the horse trailer industry just like that. This horse trailer has all the reasons to be. This horse trailer’s got a cozy setup. It’s got a 6-foot short wall and an 11-foot long wall, and there’s even a walk-thru door to move around. In the kitchen, you’ll find a fridge and a microwave to whip up some grub. You can say this has everything a perfect horse trailer should have. 

The living area’s got A/C to keep it comfy, and there’s a bathroom with a toilet and a shower. For plumbing, there’s fresh water and a water heater. Power-wise, it’s got a battery, and it’s all wired up for 110v power.

In the horse area, you can fit three horses, and there’s even an escape door in case they get restless. As for the trailer itself, it’s built tough with all-aluminum trailer construction. There’s a manual jack, a spare tire, and an all-aluminum trailer floor. It rolls on 6000# axles with 16-inch tires, and there’s even an awning to provide some shade.

Some steel horse trailers are also out there. The strength of steel gives it some durability. The galvanized steel frame is perfect if you have bad weather conditions there.

When it comes to weight distribution hitch, it’s about 7 feet wide on the outside.  Its extra strength ribs are pretty good. The inside height is 7 feet, which should be good for horse trailer weight up to 21 hands. The box length is 20 feet, and it’s not too heavy; the trailer weight around 4300 pounds empty. The max it can carry, known as the GVWR, is 11420 pounds trailer weight. Which is perfect for traveling with your horse.

Available Sizes And Configurations For Cherokee Horse Trailers

So, Cherokee horse trailers come in all sorts of sizes and styles to make sure they can haul your horses the right way. You got your one-horse trailers for when it’s just you and your trusty steed. These are pretty basic and perfect for solo riders. Aluminum trailers are also an option.

Then there are the two-horse trailers, which are like the Goldilocks of horse trailers. Not too big, not too small, just right for a pair of horses. You can choose between slant load trailers or straight-load setups. For the horse crew, there’s the three-horse trailer. It’s got enough room to fit three horses comfortably. Also, look at this trailer house axle rated. To be in a safe zone on the road.

If you want to turn your horse trip into a bit of a road trip, Cherokee offers living quarters trailers. You’ll find a small human space with a kitchen, bathroom, and a spot to catch some Z’s. Great for longer journeys or hitting the horse shows.

Cherokee’s got you covered on how you hitch it up, too. They’ve got both gooseneck and bumper pull options. And don’t forget about how your horses get inside. You’ve got straight load where they go straight in, or slant load where they stand at a bit of an angle for a smoother ride.

If you’ve got some extra-big horses, Cherokee even makes extended or extra tall models to fit ’em in comfortably. You can also customize your trailer with extras like tack rooms, ramps, extra windows, and special finishes to make it your own.

So, when you’re picking out a Cherokee horse trailer, make sure you go for the size and setup that fits your needs and makes your horses happy. They’ve got a little something for everyone.

What Makes Them Stand Out From Other Brands?

Are you wondering why Cherokee is ruling the horse trailer industry? It definitely has something different from other brands, right? Yes, of course. Cherokee Trailer has done not just one but also a lot of things to stand out. Such as:

Rock-Solid and Lasting: These trailers are tough cookies. They’re made with strong stuff like all-aluminum trailer frames, so they stick around for a long time.

Pick Your Flavor: Cherokee has a menu with all kinds of trailer sizes and setups. Whether you’re rolling with one horse, need a mini home on wheels, or something in between, they’ve got you covered.

Fancy Features: Cherokee likes to get fancy with their trailers. You might find cool extras like showers, hot tubs, and even fireplaces. That’s living it up while you’re on the road. Also the gas strut is super strong and perfect for camper trailers. So, you don’t have to worry about what size gas struts for a camper trailer with this brand.

Everywhere You Look: Cherokee isn’t just in the U.S. They’ve got their trailers popping up in Canada, Australia, and Puerto Rico. They’ve gone global.

Happy Customers: Cherokee is all about keeping you and your horses comfy and safe. They really aim to make their customers happy.

So, Cherokee horse trailers are the real deal with quality, choices, cool stuff, and a worldwide reach. They’ve got a lot going for them.

Cherokee Horse Trailers: Price And Affordability

Cherokee horse trailers come in different price ranges. You could find some starting around $14,900 or even a bit less for a basic horse trailer models.

Cherokee Horse Trailers: Price And Affordability

But if you want the deluxe versions with all the bells and whistles, you might be looking at more like $30,000 or even higher. The cost depends on the size, features, and customizations you want. Just remember, going for the fancier options can really up the price, so keep your budget in mind. It’s like buying a car – you have choices to fit your wallet.

What Maintenance And Care Is Required For Cherokee Horse Trailers?

The Cherokee horse trailer is surely worth the investment. However, it still needs some maintenance to be long-lasting. No worries, the maintenance isn’t that hard. After a trip with your horse trailer, it’s a good idea to tidy up, but you don’t need to go all out. Here’s what to focus on:

  1. Get Rid of the Mess: First off, get that manure out of there. It can mess up your trailer’s 
  1. Sweep Away the Scraps: Any hay or food that’s fallen should be swept up. This stops nasty mold and mildew from taking over your trailer.
  1. Clean Up Food and Water Bins: Give those food and water containers a good hose-down or pressure wash. This keeps bacteria and mildew from setting up camp.

These basic cleaning steps will keep your trailer in good shape for your next trip. It’ll also stop wood floors from rotting and protect aluminum floors from acidic urine.

When things start looking grubby, or you’ve been using the trailer a bunch, go for a deep clean. Here’s how:

  1. Empty It Out: Take everything out – mats, accessories, you name it. Don’t forget to clean out the tack room and any storage in the gooseneck.
  1. Sweep and Shovel: Get rid of all the dirt and debris with a broom and shovel. Make sure to reach those nooks and crannies.
  1. Scrub the Floors and Walls: Use a scrub brush and mild soap and water to give the trailer’s interior a good scrub. Get rid of any stuck-on gunk.
  1. Rinse It Down: Blast the trailer’s interior with a hose or pressure washer, making sure to rinse away all the soap. It is much easier with steel trailers.
  1. Dry It Out: Let the aluminum horse trailers air out with the windows and doors open. Mop up any lingering water with a towel. Don’t put anything back in until it’s completely dry to avoid mold and mildew.
  1. Wash the Mats: While the trailer’s drying, clean each floor mat thoroughly. Scrub with mild soap and water, rinse, and hang them up to dry.

Also, don’t forget the outside. Clean the exterior with vehicle-safe soap, rinse it down, and dry it off. Give it a good wax for added protection, especially if the paint’s seen better days. And if you spot any paint chips, rust, or damage, get them fixed pronto to prevent things from getting worse.

If your horse trailer has living quarters, spend time cleaning and organizing that, too. Wipe down all surfaces, and clean the kitchen, bathroom, and bedding. As you put everything back, give it a good reorganization and make a restocking list.

Are There Any Common Issues Or Concerns With Cherokee Horse Trailers?

Common Issues Or Concerns With Cherokee Horse Trailers

Horse trailers aren’t always about benefits. There will be some times when you can face some issues. Such as:

Leaks: Sometimes, water sneaks in where it shouldn’t. Keep an eye out for leaks, especially around windows and roof seams.

Rust: On older models, rust can be a bother, especially in areas with harsh weather. It’s smart to address it before it gets worse.

Tire Troubles: Like any trailer, the tires can wear out or get damaged. Regular checks are a must for aluminum trailers. People have confusion about whether mobile home axles are legal on trailers. So, they buy the wrong one and get into trouble.

Wiring Woes: Electrical issues can pop up, from lights not working to wiring problems. It’s worth checking these regularly.

Floor Problems: If your trailer has a wood floor, moisture can cause it to rot over time. Keep an eye on the condition of the floor.

Hitch Hassles: The hitch, which connects the trailer to your vehicle, can sometimes be finicky. Make sure it’s in good shape for safe towing.

Those issues are pretty normal. Maintain those things calmly rather than being frustrated. If you can overcome those issues, then you can travel by horse wherever you want.

What Makes Cherokee Horse Trailers A Good Choice For Equestrians?

Cherokee horse trailers are a top pick for equestrians for a bunch of good reasons. They’re built sturdy and last a long time, so you know your four-legged buddies will ride safe and sound. Which is perfect for equestrian trailers. You’ve got choices galore, from single-horse equestrian trailers to fancy living quarters setups.

Plus, Cherokee gets all innovative with features like showers, hot tubs, and fireplaces, making equestrian trailers comfy for you and your horses. They’re not just hanging out in the U.S. They’re international, so you can find them in Canada, Australia, and Puerto Rico.

Cherokee’s all about keeping customers and their horses happy and even helps out by making mobile clinics for places in need. So, if you’re into horses, Cherokee horse trailers are a solid pick.

What Are The Customer Reviews And Ratings For Cherokee Horse Trailers?

Most Cherokee horse trailer reviews are good. It is perfect to travel with your horse buddy. Cherokee horse trailers they’re kind of like your favorite pair of boots. Sure, they might have a scuff here and there, but they get the job done. Some folks say they’ve run into the usual stuff – a leak here, a rust spot there.

But here’s the thing:

It’s all part of the trailer-owner gig. Regular care and maintenance, and you’re good to go. Cherokee horse trailers have their quirks, but with the right attention, they’ll carry your horse just fine.

Where Can I Find Cherokee Horse Trailers For Sale And Pricing Information?

If you’re on the hunt for a  quality trailer and want to know how much they cost, here’s where to look:

Cherokee Horse Trailers For Sale And Pricing Information
  1. Cherokee Trailers Dealerships: These guys are spread out all over the U.S. Go to Cherokee’s official site, and they’ll help you find a dealer near you. The dealers usually spill the beans on the prices right on their websites, or they’ll give you a quote if you ask. They’re delivery time is also pretty quick.
  1. Online Hangouts: There are a lot of websites online. They’ve got lots of horse trailers, including Cherokees, up for sale. You can snoop around and contact the sellers to get the lowdown on the prices.
  1. Classified Ads: Hit up your local classified ads, either in the newspaper or on websites like Craigslist. Private people who want to sell their trailers often post them here, and you can ping them directly to chat prices and time of purchase.
  1. Horse Shenanigans: If you’re at a horse show, auction, or any horse event, you might run into Cherokee trailers on the market. Chat with the sellers or dealers who are hanging around to get the scoop on prices.
  1. Official Cherokee Digs: The Cherokee Trailers website could also have some info. They might tell you about their current models and what they’re asking for them. You can also use their dealer locator to find a nearby dealer.

Just remember, the price tags on Cherokee aluminum horse trailers can change depending on the horse trailer models, size, and all the extra stuff you want. So, do a little shopping around to make sure you’re getting a square deal, and don’t forget about the other costs like taxes, registration, and any delivery fees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Cherokee Horse Trailers Safe And Comfortable For Horses?

Yes, Cherokee horse trailers try to keep your four-legged pals safe and comfy. They’ve got the right idea with good ventilation and enough room for the horses to stretch their legs. Plus, they’re not too shaky on the road, so your horses won’t feel like they’re on a rollercoaster. 

Are Cherokee Horse Trailers Known For Durability?

Yes, Cherokee horse trailers are built to last. Tough and sturdy, that’s the deal. They’re known for standing the test of time and keeping your four-legged buddies safe and sound on the road. Durability is the name of the game with the Cherokee.

Are Cherokee Horse Trailers Suitable For Long-Distance Hauling?

Cherokee aluminum horse trailers can handle long-haul journeys pretty well. They’ve got different models to pick from. Some even have living quarters, making those road trips comfy.

How Is The Resale Value Of Cherokee Horse Trailers?

It really depends on stuff like the age of the trailer, how well it’s been kept up, and what kind of features it’s got. Generally, if you’ve kept it in good shape and it’s not too ancient, you can expect to get a decent chunk.


Are Cherokee horse trailers good or not? Well, as you can tell, it actually depends on your needs. But if you ask me, then I would say it is definitely worth the deal. This perfect horse trailer can keep my horse and me comfy at the same time. So, if you want to enjoy a comfortable ride with your horse, then buy it right now.

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