Can A Chevy Colorado Pull A Horse Trailer? [7 Factors That Affect Towing Capacity]




Chevy Colorado is the perfect truck for a small farm owner like me. I can take my family, let alone my farmer stuff. This truck is a perfect fit for my needs. I have tow some stuff with it too. But I had one doubt: can a Chevy Colorado pull a horse trailer?

Can A Chevy Colorado Pull A Horse Trailer

Can Chevy Colorado Pull Horse Trailer

Well, technically, it can. Chevy Colorado’s towing capacity is 3,500 pounds and 7,700. Thus, you need to know your horse trailer weight to ensure you can tow or not. Not just that, Colorado’s towing capacity also varies with its model. So, you can tow, but you need to be aware of those things.

Alright, so, what size travel trailer can a Chevy Colorado pull? How do you match all those things? How can you safely tow? Dig into the whole picture about this matter.

 Key takeaways: 

  • Chevy Colorado can pull a horse trailer, but towing capacity varies (3,500 to 7,700 pounds).
  • Towing depends on factors like engine type, current model, and tow package.
  • Towing capacity is affected by factors like vehicle configuration, engine power, and braking system.

Can A Chevy Colorado Pull A Horse Trailer?

First thing first, let’s clear out your doubt about can a Chevy Colorado pull a horse trailer or not. Sure thing! So, you’ve got this Chevy Colorado, right? It’s a solid choice for towing a horse trailer. Yes, you can, but towing capacity plays an important role here. You may face the same issue while  pulling a trailer with a Dodge Caravan.

Can A Chevy Colorado Pull A Horse Trailer

Because, hey, not all Colorados are made equal when it comes to towing stuff. There’s a bunch of factors playing into it – like the model, the engine under the hood, and some other bits.

Long story short- The answer to your question: can a Chevy Colorado tow a horse trailer? Yes, you can. The Colorado can pull anywhere from around 3,500 pounds to a whopping 7,000 pounds, depending on how it’s set up. So, know the Colorado type that can handle your horse trailer and gear.

Payload Capacity Of A Chevy Colorado

There isn’t any specific answer because this depends on the Chevy Colorado year model. Look at the chart to have a basic idea of crew cab payload capacity:

20231,151 – 1684 lbs
20221,380 – 1,530 lbs
20211,367 – 1,550 lbs
20201,342 – 1,578 lbs
20191,366 – 1,574 lbs
20181,366 – 1,574 lbs
20171,366 – 1,574 lbs

How Much Weight Can A Chevy Colorado Haul?

Now, answering this is kind of tricky cause it varies in engine type. But you need to know this clearly in order to clear out your confusion about whether a Chevy Colorado pulls a 2 horse trailer or not.

That’s why let me break it down for you. At the base level, you’ve got a 4-cylinder engine that can handle a modest 3,500 pounds. Upgrade to the v6 engine , throw in the Z82 trailering tow package, and boom, you’re looking at towing 7,000 pounds.

How Much Weight Can A Chevy Colorado Haul

After knowing all of this, another question may pop up in your mind, can a Chevy Colorado pull a camper? Luckily, yes, you can pull if your camper weight matches Colorado’s towing capacity.

But wait, there’s more! Opt for the turbo-diesel engine, and now you’re in the big leagues with a whopping 7,700 pounds of towing power. Now, the ZR2 trim, rocking the 3.6L V6, can pull its weight at 5,000 pounds. Not too shabby.

Oh, and here’s a cool part– 

All standard Colorados come with trailer-sway control. It’s like magic for your trailer brakes when things get wobbly. No other mid-size extended cab has this feature. Just saying.

Now, if you’re going all-in with the trailering package, your Colorado comes ready with a hitch receiver.

But if you want to spice things up, there’s a world of aftermarket hitches out there. Take the CURT 13176 Class III hitch, claiming an impressive 8,000 pounds of maximum towing capacity. If you can upgrade your Colorado to this point, then you may have to pull 2 2-horse trailers. If you want to pull it without worrying about the law, then have cdl to pull a trailer.

Factors That Affect Towing Capacity

Although that engine can increase towing capacity. Some things can reduce and increase it. For intense:

1. Ride Setup

Different car versions, fancy trims, and how you set things up inside can mess with how much you can tow. The basic model with a little engine might not haul as much as the powerhouse with all the bells and whistles.

2. Shifting Gears

Automatic or manual? Believe it or not, it matters. Autos usually have cool stuff like ft of torque converters that can boost towing package power.

3. Axle Ratio Secrets

Axle ratio? It’s just how many turns the drive shaft does for a full wheel spin of a tow vehicle. More turns, more towing power. Simple as that.

4. Towing Bling

Some rides come with towing packages – think upgraded cooling, sway control, and beefed-up suspension. Without these goodies, your towing game might be a bit weak.

5. Tough Underbelly

Strong suspension and chassis are like the backbone for handling trailer weight. Worn-out parts? Yeah, they can cramp your towing style.

6. Cool It Down

Towing brings the heat, literally. A good cooling system – with a hefty radiator and transmission coolers – is a must. Too little cooling? Say hi to reduced towing power or even vehicle damage.

7. Listen to the Boss (Manufacturer)

The folks who made your ride? They know best. Stick to their rules on towing capacity. Go overboard, and you might be in for safety headaches, busted vehicles, and a voided warranty.

Important Note: Know your vehicle’s specs before towing package- version, trims, and engine matter. That little engine in the basic model might not flex as much muscle as the powerhouse with all the fancy upgrades.

How Do You Calculate Colorado’s Towing Capacity?

If you ensure about, can a Chevy Colorado really tow 7000 lbs, then don’t feel lost. You can do some calculations and other ways to get an idea of capacity.

How Do You Calculate Colorado's Towing Capacity

Get your numbers game on

Take the GCWR (that’s everything your truck and tow are allowed to weigh) and subtract the curb weight (that’s your truck’s weight, daily driver included, and all the fluids it’s sipping).

The Towing Deets

So, here’s the lowdown – the towing capacity can hit a sweet 7,700 pounds. The basic engine can pull up to 3,500 pounds. Now, if you’ve got the 2022 V6 engine, that v6 engine can handle 7,000 pounds of towing fun.

Manual Check and VIN Magic

Don’t feel like doing math? No worries. Flip through your owner’s manual – it’s like the towing Bible. Or peek under the hood or on a door pillar for the VIN Plate. It’s got the deets stamped right there.

Don’t Push It

Now, here’s the golden rule – don’t play with your towing capacity. Manufacturers aren’t joking when they say don’t go over it. For safety’s sake, keep a 10% buffer and roll smoothly.

So there, you have the perfect towing capacity. Now, don’t overdo it. Just follow it and be in the safe zone.

What Size Of Horse Trailer Can A Chevy Colorado Tow?

Alright, so what size trailer can a Chevy Colorado pull, or how big can a horse trailer Colorado handle? Well, it depends on your truck’s vibe – the model, engine, and whether it’s got that towing upgrade. Towing capacity goes from 3,500 pounds for the chill base model to a beefy 7,700 pounds for some setups.

If you’re eyeing a horse trailer, think about its weight, the horses’ weight, and any extra stuff you’re throwing in. Your Colorado can usually tow a decent-sized horse trailer. Check your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer to confirm your truck’s towing capacity.

In a nutshell, a stronger engine or tow package can increase your truck’s towing power. And don’t forget the safety drill – trailer brakes and keeping the weight in check are the real MVPs when you’re rolling with horses in tow.

Which Type Of Hitch Is Perfect For Towing A Horse Trailer With A Chevy Colorado?

Alright, picking the right hitch for towing your horse trailer with your Chevy crew cab is like choosing the perfect tool for the job. Check out these hitch options and what they’re good for:

Which Type Of Hitch Is Perfect For Towing A Horse Trailer With A Chevy Colorado

Bumper Hitch (Class I and II):

  • Think small trailers or lighter loads.
  • Beat it on the back bumper.
  • Not the heavyweight champ of towing, though.

Gooseneck Hitch:

  • Big trailers, heavy loads – it’s the muscle for that.
  • Hooks up in the truck bed but might need some drilling action.

Fifth-Wheel Hitch:

  • The go-to for larger trailers, even some horse ones. With this hitch, you smoothly tow just like you can tow a trailer behind the fifth wheel.
  • Set up shop in the truck bed for stability and heavy lifting.

Weight Distribution Hitch:

  • Does the balancing act, especially for the big trailer?
  • Can team up with a bumper hitch or gooseneck/fifth-wheel setup?

Pintle Hitch:

  • Heavy-duty towing’s best buddy.
  • More for commercial trailers, less seen with horse trailers.

When hitch hunting, keep these things in mind:

  • Towing Capacity: Make sure the hitch can handle the weight of your horse trailer’s packing.
  • Trailer Type: Different trailers, different hitches. Bumper pull, gooseneck, or fifth-wheel –pick the hitch that vibes with your trailer.
  • Installation: Some hitches need a pro touch, especially if your truck bed needs tweaking.
  • Stability: Big trailers? Think stability and maneuverability. You don’t want a wobbly ride.

How To Safely Tow A Horse Trailer With A Chevy Colorado?

Does everything work out your way? Great. Now, let’s jump into the towing process:

Eye on the Hitch

Hitching up? Double-check that the trailer hitch is snug on your Colorado. It’s like the right size of shoes – got to fit just right ft of torque. Tighten up those bolts and connections, too.

Weight Distribution Magic

If your horse trailer is a big ride, think about a weight distribution hitch. It spreads out the load, making your tow more stable.

Light Show and Brake Check

Hit the lights! Make sure all of them work – brake lights, turn signals, the whole shebang. And don’t forget to check that the trailer brakes are good to go.

Load Balance Dance

Inside the horse palace, even out the load. No lopsided situations. It’s all about balance for smooth sailing.

Horse Safety First

Get your horses in with a safety kit. Use the right restraints and dividers so they’re not doing a rodeo back there.

Mirror Makeover

No towing mirrors? No problem. Get some extended ones for better views. You have got to see what’s happening back there.

Easy Does It On The Road

Time to hit the road, but easy on the gas, gas engine,brakes, and turns. No need to show off. Keep a safe distance from other rides.

Pressure Check

Tire pressure matters. Keep an eye on both your Colorado’s and how much air trailer tires need. Low pressure messes with stability and gas mileage.

Take Pit Stops

Long hauls are a marathon. Take breaks for you and your four-legged buddies. Keep things comfy and safe.


When in doubt, chat with the pros or those trailer-savvy people. And don’t forget the towing rules of the road – keep it legal and follow the local towing playbook. Now, go rock that towing adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can A Chevy Colorado Pull A Boat?

A Chevy Colorado can tow a boat. The 2023 Chevy crew cab has a towing capacity of 7,700 pounds. The 2.8L Duramax turbo-diesel engine has a tow ratings of 7,700 pounds when properly equipped. 

Is The Chevy Colorado A Real Truck?

Yes, the Chevrolet Colorado is a mid-size pickup truck. It’s smaller and more affordable than the full-size Silverado. The Colorado is known for its great ride and handling, towing and hauling capabilities, and off-roading ability. 

What Is The Best Vehicle To Tow A Horse Trailer?

A four-wheel drive vehicle is essential for towing a  gooseneck trailer. Some recommend a ute or SUV over a car. Pick up trucks, especially diesel, are also considered good for towing horse trailers. 

Does Towing A Horse Trailer Impact The Performance?

Yes, towing a horse trailer can impact the performance of the towing vehicle. The trailer weight can stress the truck or tow vehicle. The trailer can also disrupt the steering and braking and even damage the truck’s axles, wheels, and tires.


I cleared out all the questions about, can a Chevy Colorado pull a horse trailer. So, now you just have to follow those rules of tow vehicle. You can take your horse trailer anywhere in Colorado. But keep in mind the towing capacity and your horse trailer size.

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