Can You Change Hubs On House Trailer Axles ? [6 Necessary Step To Change Hubs]




 Key takeaways: 

  • Yes, you can change hubs on house trailer axles, but it’s a complex process that requires careful handling and attention to safety.
  • There are different types of hubs available for trailer proper axles, each with its own characteristics and advantages, so choose the one that suits your trailer’s needs
  • Determining the correct hub and tire size for a trailer axle involves consulting the trailer’s manual, measuring the old hub, considering the bolt pattern, and ensuring it matches the trailer’s weight capacity.
  • The step-by-step process of changing hubs involves lifting the utility trailer, removing the wheel, consulting experts for advice, and installing the new hub.

Trailer home axles are a tricky thing to handle, so hubs. But hubs are important to handle trailer axles. It has also been damaged over time. So, can you change hubs on house trailer axles?

Can You Change Hubs On House Trailer Axles

Change Hubs On House Trailer Axles

Well, yes, you can. The process is quite complicated. You need to do it carefully. It’s important to do so carefully and correctly to ensure the safety and proper functioning of the trailer. If you messed up, then it can lead you to an accident. So, be very careful while doing so. It would be better if y0u aware of trailer home axle ratings and all. Then the process will be easy for you.

So, can you put different hubs on a trailer house axles? What is the process? What safety protocols should you keep in mind? Keep reading to get all the ideas about it.

Can You Change Hubs On House Trailer Axles?

So, can you change hubs on house trailer axles?

Sure, changing hubs on a house trailer’s axles or mobile home axels can be done, but you’ve got to be careful and do it right to keep things safe and working well.

Because if you mess up here, then you will end up in hospital the next day. So, if you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, it’s a good idea to get a professional to help and have a clear idea of equipment trailers. But if you want to do it yourself, then use the right hubs tools and follow the process correctly.

Different Types Of Hubs That Can Be Used On House Trailer Axles

Can you put regular hubs on a mobile home axle? You can’t, actually. Because in some states, there is also a question whether  mobile home axles are legal on trailers. That’s why you need different hubs on the mobile home wheels and different on the trailer axle. There are several types of hubs that can be used on house trailers as proper axles, each with its own characteristics and advantages. Here are some common types:

  • Plain Hubs: These are the basic hubs for your utility trailer. No frills, just sturdy and good for lighter loads. These are the proper axles.
  • Greasable Hubs: These buddies have a grease fitting for easy wheel bearing lubing. Keeps those outer bearings happy and lowers your maintenance hassle.
  • Oil Bath Hubs: Heavy-duty champs with a sealed system that bathes the bearings in oil. Long life and less fuss.
  • EZ Lube Hubs: These hubs come with a grease zerk on the spindle, so you can shoot in grease without tearing things apart. Super convenient.
  • Torsion Axle Hubs: These are custom-made for independent suspension setups like torsion axles. Smooth ride and even load distribution are the name of the game.

Also, a heavy duty tandem axle can be a great choice for you. So, which hub you need depends on your trailer’s weight capacity and what you’re hauling. And how much maintenance you want to deal with.

How To Determine The Correct Hub Size For A Trailer Axle?

Just like determining if it is safe to use mobile home tires on a trailer is difficult to say. it’s not safe to use the wrong-size hubs on a utility trailer, either. Knowing the right type of hub isn’t enough. You need to determine the right size for your trailer axle. To do so:

  • Peek at the Manual: Start with your trailer’s manual. It’s like a treasure map to the right hub size. It’ll tell you what you need, and that’s a load off your mind. Even whether can you use mobile home axles on a trailer or not.
  • Measure the Old Hub: If you’re swapping out an old hub, measure the hub. You’re after the inner diameter of the hub where the bearings chill. It’s called the “hub bore.” Make sure your new hub matches that size.
  • Bolt Pattern Matters: The bolt pattern is like a secret thing. Count the bolts and measure the distance between them – center to center. Common patterns are 4 on 4 inches, 5 on 4.5 inches, or triple axle, and such. Your new hub should match this pattern and jive with your trailer’s wheels.
  • Watch the Weight: Hubs come in different flavors with weight ratings. Check your trailer’s weight capacity and get a hub that can handle at least that much. Don’t skimp on this – safety’s the name of the game.
  • Hub Type Choices: Choose a hub type that suits your style. There are plain hubs, greasable hubs, oil bath hubs, and more. Pick one that matches how you roll and maintain your gear.
  • Talk to a Pro: When in doubt, chat up a trailer mechanic or parts guru. They’ll help you sort out any confusion and get you the right hub for your ride.
  • Hit the Web: Some nifty online tools and forums can lend a hand in finding the perfect hub based on your trailer’s specs. Dive into the online trailer community for advice and guidance.

When it comes to trailer safety, getting the hub size spot on is non-negotiable. Take your time, do your homework, and make sure you’re rolling with the right hub for the job.

What Tools And Materials Are Needed To Change Trailer Axle Hubs?

Now you get the right size, so it’s time to change the hubs, right? Yes, it is, but wait a minute. You need to get the mobile home axle hub conversion kit with brakes

Tools And Materials Are Needed To Change Trailer Axle Hubs

to change trailer axle hubs. Here is a basic list of tools you may need:

Jack and Jack StandsNew Hub Assembly or  Entire Axle Assembly
Lug Wrench Wheel Bearing Grease
Pliers Seals
Socket and Ratchet      Dust Cap
Grease Gun     Hub Kit (Optional)
Rubber MalletBlock of Wood (Optional)
Work GlovesCotter Pins
Safety GlassesClean Rags or Paper Towels
What Tools And Materials Are Needed To Change Trailer Axle Hubs?

How To Change Hubs On House Trailer Axles Step-By-Step?

Gather all the tools? Great, now it’s time to start the changing process. The process is pretty similar if you ask how to change hubs on mobile home axles. You can follow the below process for mobile home axle hubs, too.

How To Change Hubs On House Trailer Axles

Step 1 – Lift and Remove

First things first, you gotta get that wheel off. Grab a heavy-duty jack and hoist up the mobile home wheels so you can work on one wheel. If there’s a hubcap, take it off. Then, pop the dust cap and yank out the cotter pin. A socket wrench will help you get rid of those lug nuts. Slide that wheel and right tire size off. Yes, you are making progress!

Step 2 – Expert Advice

Are you not sure about Can you change hubs on house trailer axles Ford? Then, take your wheel and lug nuts to a trailer or motorhome supply store. Chat up the people there and ask for their expert opinion. They’ll recommend the right conversion for your needs and might point out any wear and tear that needs fixing.

Step 3 – Hub Slide-In

Now, it’s time to slide the new trailer hub onto the triple axle. Put in the bearing, then bring back the washer and spindle nut. Unless the pros at the supply store told you otherwise, stick with the old washer and nut.

Step 4 – Grease and Secure

Grease up those bearings and tighten that nut. Then, slide in a cotter pin and bend it to keep things in place. Don’t forget to put that dust cover back, and a little tap with a hammer or mallet will snug it up.

Step 5 – Lug Nuts Back

Grab those lug nuts and put them on every other lug pattern. Give them a light tightening. Once those are snug, add the rest of the nuts and give ’em a good twist to secure them all.

Step 6 – Wheel On

It’s time to put the wheels and tires back where they belong. Pump them up to the right pressure. Be clear about air pressure because it’s different in between mobile home tires and trailer tires. You want those tires ready to roll.


Double-check that your conversion and tire size is up to the task of carrying the load you have in mind. Keep in mind that the laws about axle conversions on mobile homes can vary, so it’s wise to stay informed and follow the rules. Safety first!

Watch The Tutorial

How To Change Hubs On House Trailer Axles

How To Change Hubs On House Trailer Axles

What Safety Precautions Should Be Taken When Changing Trailer Axle Hubs?

So, you know, changing trailer axle hubs is tricky. That’s why you need to maintain safety in this case. Changing trailer triple axle hubs can get tricky, so keep safety front and center with these tips:

  • Stabilize: Make sure your trailer’s on a flat, solid surface and propped up with trusty jack stands. You don’t want leaf springs going anywhere.
  • Secure That Tongue: If your trailer’s got a detachable tongue or hitch, lock it down tight. We don’t want any surprise detachments.
  • Don’t Overdo It: Changing hubs can be a workout, so take breaks if you’re feeling the burn. No need to strain yourself while twisting those nuts and bolts.
  • Tow Vehicle Break-Up: If your trailer is hitched up to a tow vehicle, unhook it before you dive in. We don’t want any trailer shenanigans while you’re working underneath.
  • Tool Safety: Handle your tools like a pro. No makeshift tools – stick with the right ones. And keep ’em in tip-top shape to avoid accidents.
  • Grease Caution: Grease can be messy. Don’t let it end up on your clothes, hands, or tools. Dispose of used grease properly, and don’t make a mess.
  • Bearing Love: When you’re in the bearing and seal zone, handle them gently. Grease them upright and make sure they’re snug and cozy.
  • Stay Clear of Twirlers: Watch out for moving parts, like the axle spindle and spinning wheels. Keep your hands, clothes, and tools out of their way.
  • Unstick Stubborn Stuff: Before you start, check for anything that might be stuck or rusty. If you find trouble, give it a little love with penetrating oil to make it behave.

Also, be aware of the air of your trailer tires. Don’t neglect this while noticing others. This is also very important. Safety’s the name of the game when you’re in hub-swapping mode. And if things seem too hairy, don’t hesitate to call in a pro for backup. Better safe than sorry.

What Are The Benefits Of Changing Hubs On House Trailer Axles?

Swapping out those hubs on your house trailer axles can be a smart move for a bunch of reasons. It’s all about safety. New hubs mean your wheels are securely in place, reducing the risk of mishaps on the road. Plus, it keeps your trailer running smoothly, improving performance and handling.

Benefits Of Changing Hubs On House Trailer Axles

When you change hubs, you’re also giving your wheel bearings some love. Which means less wear and tear and longer-lasting parts. And don’t forget, with fresh hubs, you can choose the type that suits your needs best, whether it’s for heavy-duty hauling or a lighter load range. So, in a nutshell, it’s all about safety, performance, and making your trailer gear last longer – that’s why swapping hubs is a win.

What Lubrication And Maintenance Is Required For Trailer Axle Hubs?

Changing it is so complicated, so how can you just leave it after installing it? You can’t. You need to maintain it properly to have it for the long run. You obviously don’t want to do that process again after a few months, right? I know you don’t. So, Maintain it with:

What Lubrication And Maintenance Is Required For Trailer Axle Hubs
  • Grease or Oil, It Depends: Your wheel bearings need some love. Whether you use grease or oil depends on your hub type. Grease hubs want a bit of grease before long trips and once a year (or every 12,000 miles). For oil bath hubs, keep an eye on that oil level and change it as the manufacturer says, usually every 3,000 miles.
  • Watch for Leaks: Keep your peepers open for any grease or oil oozing out from the hub or seal areas. If you spot leaks, don’t snooze on it. Fix it up pronto to prevent bearing damage and keep things lubed.
  • Check Those Bearings: Give your wheel bearings a regular once-over. Look for any signs of wear, pitting, or weird noises when you spin the wheel. If you spot trouble, swap out the worn-out bearings and races.
  • Seals Matter: Those hub seals are like gatekeepers, keeping the grease or oil in and dirt out. If you see busted or worn seals, replace them. They keep the lubricant where it belongs.
  • Lug Nuts – Keep It Tight: Every so often, give your lug nuts a check and snug them up. Loose lug nuts can spell trouble for your wheels, and nobody wants an accident.
  • Hub and Brake Check: While you’re in maintenance mode, give the whole hub and entire axle assembly and brakes a good look-see. Check for wear, damage, or loose parts. Fix anything that’s not right.
  • Pro Inspection: If you’re not feeling like a maintenance pro, it’s cool. Have a trailer mechanic check your hubs, bearings, and brake kits regularly. They can catch problems early and save you from pricey repairs.
  • Listen to the Makers: Those who made your trailer and hub and entire axle assembly know what’s best. Stick to their maintenance guidelines and schedules. It’s the secret sauce for proper care and top performance.

With regular TLC and a watchful eye, you can make those trailer axle hubs last longer, stay safe on the road, and avoid unexpected breakdowns. And remember, early maintenance beats costly fixes any day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When Should I Change Hubs On House Trailer Axles?

You need to keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear. If you notice things like odd noises, wobbling wheels, or leaks around the hub, it’s time to give those hubs some love. If you’re on top of greasing or oil changes as recommended.

Can I Replace Trailer Axle Hubs Without Professional Help?

Yes, you can replace trailer axle hubs without pro help, but it depends on your comfort level with DIY tasks. If you’ve got some experience with tools and mechanical work, changing hubs is doable, especially if you’re good at following instructions.

Can I Put Different Hubs On A Trailer House Axles?

You can put different hubs on your trailer house axles, but it’s a bit like mixing. It might not always fit right. Trailer axles are designed to work with specific hubs that match their weight capacity and specifications.

Do Mobile Home Axles Make Good Trailer Axles?

Sure, you might think about using mobile home wheels for your trailer, but it’s not always a slam dunk. Mobile home tires are made to support the weight of a whole house, so they’re usually super sturdy. 

Can I Upgrade The Axles On A Trailer?

You sure can give your trailer an axle upgrade if it’s time for a change. Maybe you’re hauling heavier loads or want better performance. To make the switch, you’ll need a new axle that matches your trailer’s specs and weight capacity. 


I hope I have cleared out your question about can you change hubs on house trailer axles clearly. So, what are you still waiting for? Get your gloves and start the process. Just follow the process clearly and maintain safety. And if you want to get more info like this, then be with trailer homes.

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