Can You Pull A Trailer With A Rental Truck? [Rental Truck Towing Capacity]




 Key takeaways: 

  • Towing a trailer with a rental truck isn’t a simple “yes” or “no” answer. Many rental car companies don’t allow towing with their standard rental cars, but some offer rental pickup trucks  with towing capabilities.
  • When looking for a rental vehicle for towing, pay close attention to the truck’s towing capacity to ensure you don’t exceed it.
  • Different types of trailers can be towed with rental trucks, including utility trailers, enclosed trailers, motorcycle trailers, camper trailers, and horse trailers.
  • To tow a trailer with a rental budget truck, you’ll need essential towing equipment such as a hitch, safety chains, wiring connections, and possibly a brake controller.

Most camper freaks have a camper trailer. But not all of us have a pickup truck. That’s why pulling a trailer here and there becomes a headache. That’s when the rental truck idea comes to mind. It’s easy to rent a truck for work. You can pull a gooseneck trailer with a lifted truck, but can you pull a trailer with a rental truck?

Can You Pull A Trailer With A Rental Truck

Pull A Trailer With A Rental Truck

Well, technically, yes, some rental companies offer pulling trailers. You just need to find that company and talk things out. If everything works out your way, then you can start your journey.

So, what pickup truck rental with towing package should be?  And what should you keep in mind? Drive in to get all the answers.

Can You Pull A Trailer With A Rental Truck?

Can you pull a trailer with a rental truck? Well, it ain’t a simple yes or no. Different rental joints, like Enterprise and National, say a firm “nope” to hitching and towing. SIXT’s in on that, too, with a strict “no towing at all” policy.

If you asked, can you tow with a rental truck from Enterprise? There’s a glimmer of hope. Enterprise Truck Rentals provides pickup trucks for rent, including those for towing. You need to find the proper rental company to do that. And if you ask about can you tow with a rental truck Hertz; then yes, you can tow with them, too.

So, while most regular rental vehicles are towing snobs, bigger vehicles like trucks might be your ticket. But remember the golden rule: always check with your chosen rental spot before hitching a trailer to their ride. Even when pulling 6 cylinder trailer. Renting a truck can be like guiding a maze.

But here’s the lowdown: call up local truck rental spots or your typical car rental places and ask if they’ve got the right wheels for your trailer. You can even try posting a neighborhood ad to see if someone’s down to lend you their truck.

What Types Of Rental Trucks Can Tow Trailers?

As you know, not all types of rental vehicles  are suitable for tow trailers. So, what type of truck does it have? Well, the trucks should be heavy-duty trucks that match the towing capacity. There are many trucks like that. So, look for those while looking for a pickup truck rental with towing package near me.

What Types Of Rental Trucks Can Tow Trailers?
  • Full Size Pickup Trucks: Well, in general,  a 1-ton truck is perfect for towing a trailer, and this perfect match for that. Ford F250, Chevrolet Silverado, Ram 1500, and their pals. These trucks are towing pros. They can handle different trailer sizes and pack some real towing muscle.
  • Cargo Vans: Now, some cargo vans can lend a hand with towing. But don’t push them too hard. They’re more into small utility trailers. Just give their specs a once-over to be on the safe side. If you are looking to rent a truck to tow a trailer one-way, then this is your catch.
  • Box Trucks: These are the heavyweights often used for moving. They’re up for towing. But the weight they can handle depends on the specific model. Always double-check their towing capacity before you rent.
  • Specialty Trucks: Some rental spots have trucks designed specifically for towing. Take U-Haul, for instance. And a Toyota Tundra can pull a gooseneck trailer. They’ve got tow dollies and car trailers made for hauling vehicles.
  • But here’s the rule: Before you hitch up a truck for towing, swing by the rental company’s rulebook. And most importantly, make sure the truck’s towing capacity matches what your trailer needs.

What Are The Towing Capacities Of Rental Trucks?

When you’re on the hunt for a rental truck to haul your camper, the big deal is its towing capacity. You’ve got to be really picky about this because you never want to pull something heavier than your truck can handle. It’s like putting on sneakers two sizes too small – just not gonna work.

Now, you might think finding the towing capacity for a truck is a walk in the park since it’s all over the place, right? Well, hold on! It’s not that simple, especially if you’re dealing with an unfamiliar truck. Or even your trailer to pull a boat behind a travel trailer.

See, most trucks have different weight limits depending on what you’re up to. The truck bed, the hitch, and how much you can stuff in the passenger seats all have their own weight limits. It’s in the 2,000 pound range normally. But it also depends on which rental company you are using. As in, if you are using enterprise pickup truck rental with towing package,it  will be different than if you ask about, can a Dodge caravan pull a trailer.

It’s not as easy as walking into the first rental joint you see. Your location plays a big role in this game. Depending on where you’re at, your chances of scoring a rental truck without towing limits might change. So, be aware of local laws and talk to the company before doing anything.

What Types Of Trailers Can Be Towed With Rental Trucks?

Just like a truck, your trailer has some limitations, too. You can’t just tow every trailer with a rental truck. Here are some trailers that are suitable to tow.

What Types Of Trailers Can Be Towed With Rental Trucks
  • Utility Trailers: These are your handy all-purpose trailers for hauling stuff like furniture, appliances, or garden equipment. Also, have perfect towing equipment.
  • Enclosed Trailers: If you want to keep your stuff protected from the elements, go for an enclosed trailer. They’re like a little moving room on wheels. You can even sleep inside an enclosed trailer. So having this means you can take your home anywhere.
  • Motorcycle Trailers: Perfect for bikers, these trailers can securely transport your motorcycles to your next adventure. This is also perfect for a truck bed.
  • Camper Trailers: If you’re into camping and road trips, you can tow a camper trailer behind your rental truck for a home on wheels.  The truck bed can handle its pressure easily.
  • Horse Trailers: If you’re in the equestrian world, these cargo trailers are designed to transport your horses safely and comfortably.

But remember, the key is to match the trailer to the rental truck’s towing capacity. You don’t want to overdo it and run into problems on the road. So, pick the right trailer for your needs and make sure it plays nicely with your rental truck’s capabilities.

What Equipment Do You Need To Tow A Trailer With A Rental Truck?

Does everything work your way? Great, now that everything is set, it’s time to fix a date, right? Yes, first of all, gather those tools to hook up your trailer to a truck.

Towing EquipmentDescription
HitchA hitch is essential for connecting the trailer to the rental truck. Ensure it’s compatible with both the truck and the trailer.
Trailer BallThis ball attaches to the hitch and couples with the trailer’s coupler. Different trailers may require specific ball sizes.
Safety Chains Safety chains provide an extra layer of security by connecting the trailer to the truck, preventing it from detaching in case the hitch fails.
Wiring Harness   A wiring harness connects the truck’s electrical system to the trailer’s lights and brakes, ensuring they work in sync. Different trailers may require specific wiring connectors.
Brake ControllerIf the trailer has electric brakes, a brake controller in the rental truck is necessary to control the trailer’s braking system.
Towing MirrorsExtended mirrors are essential to provide a clear view of the trailer while driving, ensuring safe lane changes and turns.
Weight Distribution HitchThis helps distribute the trailer’s weight more evenly on the truck, enhancing stability and control while towing.
Sway Control System   A sway control system reduces trailer sway and keeps the trailer more stable during windy or high-speed conditions.
What Equipment Do You Need To Tow A Trailer With A Rental Truck?

How Do You Hook Up A Trailer To A Rental Truck?

Your rental truck is knocking at your door. Now, it’s time to get into action. Get all the tools and follow the below process:

How Do You Hook Up A Trailer To A Rental Truck

Step 1: Inspection

First things first, give the rental truck and the trailer a once-over. Check if there are any visible dings, dents, or problems. Also, make sure the receiver hitches  on the rental truck is clean and in good shape.

Step 2: Position The Truck

Now, back that rental truck up to the trailer. Try to line up the hitch receiver hitches on the truck with the hitch coupler on the trailer. If you’ve got a friend to help, it’s a lot easier with a second set of eyes.

Step 3: Lower The Trailer

Use the trailer’s jack to lower the hitch coupler onto the trailer ball attached to the truck’s receiver hitches. Hertz rental car with trailer hitch, but your rental truck, don’t then buy one. Make sure the coupler fits snugly over the ball.

Step 4: Lock The Coupler

Lock things down by securing the hitch coupler onto the ball. Depending on the trailer, this might involve sliding a lock into place or using a pin or lock.

Step 5: Attach Safety Chains

Grab those safety chains and cross them under the trailer tongue. Hook them onto the special spots on the rental truck. This is like a backup connection in case the hitch decides to call it quits.

Step 6: Connect Wiring

If the trailer has lights and electric brakes, connect the wiring harness from the trailer to the rental truck’s connector. There should be color codes to match up the wires. Test the lights to make sure they’re all shining bright.

Step 7: Secure The Breakaway Switch (If Equipped)

For trailers with a breakaway switch, connect it to a secure point on the rental truck. This switch kicks in the trailer’s brakes if it decides to take off on its own.

Step 8: Install Brake Controller (If Needed)

If your trailer has electric brakes, get that brake controller in the rental truck up and running. This nifty gadget lets you control the trailer’s brakes while you’re on the road.

Step 9: Check Towing Mirrors

Check your towing mirrors to see if you’ve attached them. They need to give you a clear view of the trailer and the traffic around you.

Step 10: Perform A Safety Check

Before you hit the road, it’s safety check time. Make sure that the hitch and coupler are locked in place, safety chains are crossed and attached, all the lights are doing their job, and the trailer is loaded right and level.

Step 11: Drive Slowly And Safely

Now, when you’re good to go, remember to drive with extra care. Towing a trailer means you’ve got more length and weight, so take it easy, especially when you’re turning or changing lanes.

And always, if any part of this seems like a mystery, don’t hesitate to ask the rental company or get help from someone who knows the ropes. Safe towing is a must for your safety, and everyone else’s out on the road.

How Do You Drive Safely While Towing A Trailer With A Rental Truck?

Safety is the main deal whenever you drive. However, you need to maintain it strongly here. Because towing a trailer is kinda tricky. So follow those while driving safely:

How Do You Drive Safely While Towing A Trailer With A Rental Truck
  • Slow and Steady: Take it easy! Drive at a moderate speed, especially around curves and when changing lanes. There’s no need to be in a rush.
  • Extra Space: Give yourself more room between the truck and the vehicle in front of you. Towing a trailer means longer stopping distances.
  • Mirrors: Use your towing mirrors to keep an eye on the trailer and the traffic around you. It’s all about staying aware.
  • Hills: Going uphill, build up speed before the climb. Going downhill, use lower gears and engine braking to control your speed. Don’t ride those brakes too hard.
  • Wind: Be cautious on windy days. Trailers can get swayed by strong gusts, so a steady hand on the wheel is key.
  • Know Your Limits: Stick to the rental budget truck towing capacity. Don’t overload the trailer, or things could get hairy.
  • Check Your Lights: Before you start, make sure all the trailer lights are working. You want to be seen out there.
  • Keep an Eye on Tires: Check the trailer tires’ pressure and condition. You don’t want a blowout mid-trip.
  • Plan Ahead: Know your route, where you’ll park, and where you’ll stop. Avoid tight spots and U-turns.

Remember, safety comes first! If something doesn’t feel right, pull over and check it out. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

What Are The Risks Of Towing A Trailer With A Rental Truck?

Towing a trailer with a rental budget truck, well, it ain’t all smooth sailing. You’ve got some risks to watch out for. Weight matters. If you overload that trailer beyond the rental truck’s capacity, you’re asking for trouble. Handling gets wonky, and stopping can become a whole ordeal.

Then there’s the wind, a real trailer troublemaker. Strong gusts can toss your trailer around like a leaf in the breeze. Sudden stops? Forget about it. You’ll need a lot more room, and those brakes might not be too happy. And let’s not forget the challenge of backing up. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle blindfolded.

But, if you take it slow, pay attention, and play it safe, you can minimize these risks and enjoy the ride. Just remember, towing ain’t a cakewalk, but it’s doable if you’re smart about it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, it’s usually legal to tow a trailer with a rental truck. But you need to follow the rules.  Make sure the rental truck and trailer are in good shape and stay within the truck’s towing capacity.

Can You Rent A Truck With A Tow Hitch?

Yes, renting a truck with a tow hitch is often possible. Many rental truck rental car companies offer trucks equipped with tow hitches for towing trailers, whether it’s for moving, hauling, or other needs. But remember, there might be rules.

Can You Rent A Truck To Tow A Fifth Wheel?

Yes, you can rent a truck to tow a fifth wheel, but it’s a bit different. You’ll need a hefty truck with a special hitch in the bed to connect to the fifth wheel. Not all rental companies have these big rigs, so you might need to shop around. 

Can I Use A Rental Truck To Pull A Trailer Across State Lines?

Yes, you can usually use a rental truck to haul a trailer across state lines. Check with the rental company first. Some might have rules about where you can take their trucks. So, make sure you’re in the clear before you hit the road.

What Should I Know About Insurance When Towing A Trailer With A Rental Truck?

Rental car companies usually offer insurance options that cover the rental truck itself, but they might not cover damage to the trailer you’re towing. So, check your existing auto insurance or credit card to see if they offer coverage for trailers.


I tried to clear out your Can you pull a trailer with a rental truck question. So, now you have to keep on this thing while truck reservation and following the hook process. And that’s it! You are ready to enjoy your journey.

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