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Mobile homes and trailer parks are the most common terms of this community. You will hear those names very often while shitting to this community.

Are those the same thing? Trailer Park Vs Mobile Home Park or trailer court vs trailer park What’s the difference!

Difference between trailer park and mobile home

I was at your place a few months back. Those two terms also confused the hell out of me. In simple words, a trailer park is a park model that cities build to keep the trailer home. Trailer park is also known as trailer court. A mobile home is a home that you buy to live in. Are you clear now? No? Then, dig into fully clear out your confusion on those two terms.

Trailer Park Vs Mobile Home Park

In simple words mobile home parks that allow travel trailers. You can travel with your travel trailers and stop by a trailer park. It will give you a safe place to stay in for you and your mobile home. So, the basic difference between a trailer park and a mobile is trailer park is a home to your home. But is that? No! There are more major key differences between them. Such as:

Features Trailer parkMobile Home
Type of Accommodation          Temporary housing, often RVspermanent chassis or long-term housing
Duration of StayShort-termTransient   Long-term or permanent
ConstructionLighter, designedMore substantial, house-like
UtilitiesIncluded in nightly/weekly rateTenants pay individual utilities
AmenitiesMay have limited facilitiesCommon amenities may be available
Zoning RegulationsSubject to transient lodging rulesRegulated as permanent residences and building standards
OwnershipOften owned by individual ownerOwned by you
Community Dynamics      Transient, less long-term communityStable, long-term mobile community
PurposeDesigned for short-term useDesigned for permanent residence
Size( in  square foot)960 to 3,600  square foot500 to 1200  square foot
Trailer Park Vs Mobile Home Park

Key Features Of Trailer Parks

A trailer park is like a neighborhood where people live in modular homes or manufactured homes. These homes are made in a factory and then moved to the trailer park, where they’re placed on a piece of land. To understand the difference between trailer park and mobile home, you need to understand a trailer park clearly. Here are key features of the trailer park so that you can understand it easily.

Key Features Of Trailer Parks
  1. Renting Land: People who live there own the house but rent the land where it is located.
  2. How It’s Set Up: The houses are lined up in rows or groups in the park. There are roads or paths to get to each house. 
  3. Cool Extras: Some parks have fun things like a  housing community center, a playground, a pool, or a place to do laundry if it’s big in square foot.
  4. Different People: All kinds of people live in trailer parks. Old folks, families, young folks – you can find different kinds of people in the same park.
  5. Rules: There are rules about how you do things in the park, like taking care of your house and how you act. And some building standards.
  6. Utilities: The houses usually have stuff like electricity, water, and sewage. Some parks even have TV and internet.
  7. Who Owns It: Sometimes, one person or a company owns the park. Other times, it might be owned by a group or the government.

Identifying Characteristics Of Mobile Homes

Although trailer parks and mobile homes are two different things, people get confused. Don’t be ashamed. I was at your place before. Then just have a look at this characteristic of mobile homes:

  • Mobile homes are like big cars you can live in. They come in two types: one big part or many parts stuck together.
  • They’re not built in a regular house place. They’re made in a factory, where everything is controlled and fast. Also, it’s small in square foot.
  • Mobile homes follow a bunch of rules from the government. These rules make sure they’re safe and okay to live in.
  • Underneath, they have a steel bottom with wheels. That’s how they can move from one place to another. That’s the major difference between a travel trailer vs mobile home. You can move around with a travel trailer.
  • Outside, you might see plastic walls that don’t need much work. Some have roofs that point up, not flat. And trailer homes have some lifespan. If that cruse then it’s risky to live there.
  • Inside, you’ll find everything you need, like a kitchen and a bathroom. Some even have fancy things like big windows and furniture that’s built-in. However, mobile homes depreciate in time if you don’t take care of them correctly.

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Trailer Park Or A Mobile Home! Which Is A Better Investment?

A manufactured home is a home. You buy it to live in there as a mobile home park owner. You decorate it like your own. And take it whenever you want to take it. And live a happy life. A mobile home owners isn’t an investment. You can’t take it like a business deal. Umm, yes, you can rent it sometimes, but that’s not some kind of investment business.

But yes, a trailer park can be a great investment business. Why? Because trailer park means home to mobile home. You basically buy huge land and rent the land to modular homes. You can make huge money out of it. 

But yes, a trailer park can be a great investment business. Why? Because trailer park means home to mobile home. You basically buy huge land and rent the land to modular homes. You can make huge money out of it. 

According to the motley fool

“Warren Buffett’s holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, has owned America’s largest manufactured homes builder, Clayton Homes, since 2003, when they paid a whopping $1.7 billion for it.”

So, as you can tell by now, investing in a trailer home park is a clever move you can make.

Note: Most people own trailers in a mobile home park. As the property owner, you would only own the lots and provide utilities.

Pros & Cons Of Living In A Trailer Park Or Mobile Home

Living in a trailer park model home or mobile is sure an affordable option. But it’s not always rise and shine. There are some difficulties also. Take a look at the pros and cons before making any decision.

Living in a Trailer Park: Pros & Cons

Living in a Trailer Park: Pros
Living In A Trailer Park: Cons


  • Cheap Homes: Modular homes cost way less than regular homes. Mobile home: $81,000 vs. Traditional home: $408,100. If you’re done with it then you can just scrap the trailer home and get rid of it.
  • Loads of Features: You can get more stuff with a mobile home, like 3 bedrooms, a yard, and a garage without going broke.
  • Cheap to Maintain: Mobile homes are energy efficient and don’t need much plumbing work. Fixes are cheaper, too! You can winterize your trailer at a cheap price too.
  • High-Cost Areas: You can live near expensive cities without paying a fortune. manufactured homes are affordable, and they’re usually just outside the pricey parts.


  • Rules, Rules, Rules: Trailer parks have lots of rules such as zoning, building standards, etc. Even if you want to put your trailer home in your property then it will be the law. And if someone doesn’t follow them, it’s trouble for everyone. So, be very aware of building standards.
  • Tiny Yards: Some parks don’t give you much yard space. It’s not great if you love gardens or outdoor fun.
  • Neighbors Are Close: Your neighbors are right next door. You hear everything. Good if you like company, bad if you don’t.
  • Moving Costs: Moving manufactured homes isn’t cheap. It can cost thousands to move it just 50 miles.

Can You Park An RV In A Mobile Home Park?

Yes, you can park a recreational vehicle in a mobile home park, but it largely depends on the specific rules and regulations of the park. Some mobile home parks may permit recreational vehicles for short-term stays, while others may have restrictions or limitations. It’s essential to contact the mobile home park management or check their policies to determine if RV parking is allowed and for what duration.

If they do allow recreational vehicles, you may need to adhere to certain guidelines, such as designated parking areas, length of stay, and any associated fees. If everything is ok then you can park your recreational vehicle in a mobile park. Always make sure to communicate with the park management to ensure you comply with their rules and avoid any issues during your stay.

In summary,

While it’s possible to park a recreational vehicle in a mobile home park, the permissibility and conditions can vary from one park to another, so it’s crucial to confirm with the park management before planning your stay.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trailer parks and mobile home parks are not the same. Trailer parks typically accommodate smaller, temporary housing like RVs, while mobile home parks house more substantial, permanent modular homes.
  • Mobile homes are factory-built houses designed for long-term residence, while RVs are vehicles meant for short-term travel and camping.
  • Trailer parks often have transient communities with short-term stays, while mobile home parks foster stable, long-term communities.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ)

Are The Homes In A Trailer Park And Mobile Home Park The Same Type Of Dwelling?

No, they aren’t. A trailer park is for parking a smaller trailer home, while a mobile home park is for longer modular homes transported on 40-70 ft. tractor trucks measuring 10-14 ft. wide or double-wide units.

Are There Different Regulations For Trailers Versus Mobile Homes?

Yes, there are typically different regulations and legal classifications for trailers and manufactured homes. These regulations can vary by location and are subject to local, state, and federal laws.

Is Purchasing A Home In A Trailer Park A Bad Investment?

No, it’s not. It’s a fact that mobile homes in parks lose value over time while land generally appreciates. If you own a piece of land, building codes for a traditional home, or placing a mobile home on it will almost always result in a significant appreciation of its value.

How Does The Cost Of Living Compare In A Trailer Park Versus A Mobile Home Park?

Mobile home parks are cheaper than RV parks. However, RVs are preferred by some due to their mobility. Some communities have parks for both RVs and mobile homes.


So, yes, apparently, there is a big difference between trailer park and mobile home park. They sure aren’t the same as what you were thinking before reading this. I hope now you have a clear answer. Now, if you have a plan to live in a trailer park or mobile home, you can try it out by making it look like your house. And feel free to let us know your experience.

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