Do Mobile Homes Have Wheels? [Know The Ways To Find Right Wheels]




Key Takeaways :-

  • Mobile homes are also known as manufactured homes, and they typically have wheels and axles for mobility.
  • Double-wide mobile homes consist of two separate units joined together and also have wheels.
  • The wheels on mobile homes are an essential part of their transportation and installation process.
  • When choosing the right wheels for a mobile home, consider factors like the home’s weight, tire size and load rating, axle quality, tire material, tread, and warranty options.

What the hell are mobile home wheels? Mobile homes are like site-built homes, right? Then why do mobile homes have wheels? Ok, ok, relax. I know it’s confusing, but it’s true that mobile homes do have wheels. Why?

Do Mobile Homes Have Wheels

Do Mobile Homes Have Wheels !?

Well, a mobile home is called a mobile home for a reason. And the reason is you can move it anywhere. And you can’t just lift the home and take it, right? That’s when the wheels come along.  There isn’t any difference between mobile home tires vs trailer tires.

However, do all mobile homes have wheels? Or does a mobile home have wheels under it? Don’t panic. In this blog, I wanna answer all of the answers. So, keep reading.

What Is A Mobile Home On Wheels Called?

What are mobile home wheels called? Mobile homes on wheels are called “mobile homes” or “manufactured homes.” They’re like houses you can move. They have a frame with wheels and axles for moving. The wheels are built in the construction process.

These homes are built in a factory and come in different sizes. Some are small, and some are big and some are semi trailer wheel torque specs . You can make mobile homes as permanent residences wherever you want.  They have stuff like plumbing and electricity for you to live comfortably.

You can put them in one place or move them around. Some people live in them all the time, and others use them for vacations or temporary stays.

You can customize them a bit and make them how you like. They are cheaper than site-built homes, so people are interested in them nowadays. But you just need to be aware of building codes. Because building codes refer to mobile home safety. So, check building codes before jumping into living in modular homes.

So, Do Mobile Homes Have Wheels?

Do mobile homes have wheels? Yes, mobile homes have wheels, and that’s because they’re supposed to move around. If you see a used mobile home that isn’t parked where it’s at now, you better know this stuff. So, yes, can mobile homes have wheels

Do Mobile Homes Have Wheels

Now, let’s talk about history. Mobile homes popped up during World War II for soldiers and workers who needed a cheap place to crash. They were like basic, no-frills homes on wheels.

But guess what? They’ve grown up. Nowadays, modular homes are sturdier and fancier. Some people even like them more than traditional site-built homes, affordable housing ’cause they’re cheaper, and you can drag them around.

So, why live in one place in a built home forever? When can you buy manufactured homes and move around? Don’t need to, actually. Just buy a mobile home, make it a mobile home, and park your personal property. So, you can make your permanent chassis whenever you want. 

Do Double-Wide Mobile Homes Have Wheels?

Do trailer houses have wheels? Yep, every trailer house, even double-wide mobile homes, also has wheels. They’re basically two mobile homes stuck together to make one big one.

When you’re getting a double-wide, it comes with those big rubber tires and steel axles underneath.

These tires are measured in psi, just like car tires. They can handle a lot of weight, up to around 4200 lbs. for each tire, depending on your home’s style.

They’re built tough with solid wood and heavy stuff to handle being moved around. Moving one of these isn’t easy at all. So, does a mobile home have wheels under it, or do you install it? Well, the good news is, you don’t have to worry about putting it on its wheels yourself. When you buy a new one, it’s already set up with wheels. Easy peasy!

Why Do Mobile Homes Have Wheels?

Now, you know, do mobile homes wheels? -cause they need to move. But there is a little more history behind it. Back in World War II, they were made for soldiers and workers who needed cheap, temporary homes that could go wherever.

These days, they’re still affordable. However, sometime later, the wheels pop up. Because it is factory-built homes and light. People wanted to move around or take it to their personal property. That’s when the idea of the wheel pops up. 

You can put them in one spot or change your mind and move somewhere else. They’re built in factories, and the wheels help with the transportation. Plus, they are light but not that much, so you don’t want to lift them onto axles yourself. That’s why the mobile home wheel idea seems convenient to everyone. Since then, wheels have been used in modular homes. Such a brilliant idea, right? We guys should thank the person who thought of this idea.

Benefits Of Having Mobile Home Wheels

Mobile homes having wheels give enough benefits. But is it just it? No! Mobiles don’t become popular just like that. There are various benefits, such as:

Benefits Of Having Mobile Home Wheels
  • Flexibility: Wheels mean you can move your home if you want to change locations or try a new spot. There is no need to commit to one place forever. That’s the most beneficial thing about travel trailers vs rv.
  • Cost Savings: Mobile homes are often more affordable than traditional houses, and the ability to transport them adds to their cost-effectiveness. You can live in a mobile home park for much less.
  • Easy Installation: You don’t have to worry about lifting the home onto its axles; it’s done for you, making the setup hassle-free.
  • Versatile Placement: Whether you want to live in a manufactured home community, a mobile home park, or on your property, having wheels gives you choices.
  • Efficient Transportation: Mobile homes are made in factories and then moved to their destination. The wheels make this process smoother and cheaper to move in any mobile home park.
  • Resale Value: If you ever decide to sell, a mobile home’s mobility can be a selling point, potentially attracting more buyers due to the option to relocate the home.

How To Choose The Right Mobile Home Wheels? Step By Step

Don’t be; just be happy knowing mobile homes have wheels. Because you need to choose the right wheel to ensure safety. And choosing the right wheels for your prefabricated homes isn’t easy. But it’s not impossible either. Just follow the below steps to choose:

How To Choose The Right Mobile Home Wheels

Step 1: Determine Your Mobile Home’s Weight

First, find out the heavy load your home packs. Know the weight inside and out because wheels should bear it all. This weight requires wheels with adequate support. You can typically find the weight specifications in your mobile home’s documentation or by consulting the manufacturer.

Step 2: Check Tire Size and Load Rating

Examine the tire size and load rating. Mobile home tires are usually rated in pounds per square inch (psi), similar to car tires. Match your mobile home’s tire size and load rating requirements. This ensures that the tires can safely carry the weight of your home.

Step 3: Inspect Axle Quality

Pay attention to the quality of the axles. High-quality axles are essential because they provide structural support for your mobile home. Ensure they are sturdy, durable, and designed to handle the weight of your home.

Step 4: Consider Tire Material and Tread

Think about the material and tread of the tires. Different tire materials and tread patterns are suited for various terrains. Consider where you plan to place your mobile home and choose tires that are suitable for that environment.

Step 5: Review Warranty Options

Check for warranties on the wheels. A warranty can provide peace of mind and protection in case of any defects or issues with the wheels. Review the terms and conditions of the warranty to understand what it covers and for how long.

How Do You Move A Trailer Without Wheels?

Your mobile home doesn’t have wheels? Umm, it’s pretty unusual, but it can happen. However, no worries, you can still move your trailer to the trailer park without wheels. Here is how:

How Do You Move A Trailer Without Wheels

Tow Dolly Or Trailer Dolly

Use a tow dolly, which has two wheels and a hitch for your vehicle. Hoist the trailer’s front end with a jack, then slide the dolly underneath. Fasten the trailer and tow it slowly to any trailer park or personal property you want.

Manual Trailer Movers

Get manual trailer movers with wheels and handles that attach to the trailer’s tongue. These are handy for small trailers but tough for big ones to move in trailer parks.

Winch And Pulley System

Rig up a winch to a stationary object (like a tree or another vehicle) and link it to the trailer. Work the winch to pull the trailer toward the anchor point. It is slow and not great for very heavy trailers.

Professional Towing Services

If it’s too much for you, call the pros. They have the gear and know-how to handle a wheeless trailer moves safely.

Rollers Or Skates

If your trailer’s underside is flat, use rollers or skates. Slip them under the trailer and then push or pull them to your spot. It is best for flat, smooth surfaces and might need help for heavy trailers.

Custom Solutions

For unique or super heavy trailers, you might need to improvise. Consider consulting an engineer or fabricator for custom ideas.

Note safety comes first. Lift correctly, secure the trailer to the moving gear or your vehicle, and engage the trailer’s brakes to avoid unwanted movement. If unsure, seek professional help.

Watch The Tutorial

Moving A Tiny House Without Axles Down The Road

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are All Mobile Homes Built On Wheels?

Not all mobile homes are built on wheels. While “mobile” homes were originally designed to be movable, many modern mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, are typically placed on permanent foundations and not intended to be moved frequently. And you can’t move from a permanent foundation. So, be aware before setting your home on a permanent foundation.

Can Mobile Homes Be Moved Once They Are Set Up?

Moving prefabricated homes after setup is possible but tricky. You need a mover with special equipment and permits, and the home’s structure must be intact. Costly, too. Check local laws and consult experts for guidance.

Are Mobile Homes As Safe And Durable As Traditional Homes?

Prefabricated homes may not match the safety and durability of traditional homes. They often have lighter construction and may not withstand severe weather conditions as well. Additionally, they may not meet the same building codes and building standards as traditional houses.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Misconceptions About Mobile Homes?

Mobile homes are often misunderstood. Some think they’re all cheap and flimsy, but newer ones can be quite sturdy and comfy. People also assume they depreciate fast, but location matters. They can gain value if placed right. Many think they’re all the same, but designs vary widely. Lastly, folks think they’re only for poor folks, but many choose them for affordability and mobility.

Several popular mobile home brands and models include Clayton Homes’ “Patriot,” Fleetwood’s “Berkshire,” and Champion Home Builders’ “Titan.” Additionally, “The Breeze” by Champion and “The Anniversary” by Clayton are well-known models. These mobile homes come in various sizes and styles, catering to different needs and preferences in the mobile home market.


I hope now I have cleared up your confession about do mobile homes have wheels. Now, you just need to find the right wheels for your mobile. And start your travel with your mobile homes. Enjoy travel in comfy. Want to learn more about trailer home? Then stay with little anywhere .

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