How To Get Rid Of A Trailer Home: Expert Tips & Strategies




Key Takeaways :-

  • When considering how to get rid of a trailer home, there are several options, including demolishing it, deconstructing it, relocating it, donating it, or selling it.
  • The cost of home demolition services and securing permits varies from $2,625 to $3,750 on average.
  • Finding mobile home removal companies can be done through local directories or online services like Hometown Demolition, Phoenix Mobile Home, or Heavy Haulers.

A trailer home is the most affordable housing option for people like me. It makes housing options so convenient. No matter how much we love our trailer home. We can’t keep living in an old or damaged trailer home. That’s when the ” How to get rid of a trailer home question comes into our mind.

How To Get Rid Of A Trailer Home

Get Rid Trailer Home

Well, there are many ways to get rid of a trailer home. Such as recollecting, Deconstructing, donating, and many more. You just need to know which is more convenient for you. Also, you need to look at your trailer home condition. Because your trailer home condition also tells you which ways you can take to get rid of it. Also there are some costs related to removing the trailer home. And also depends on which way you are taking.

I know you are still confused about which ways you should take to get rid of a trailer home. So, read on to clear up your doubts.

How To Get Rid Of A Trailer Home?

You bought a sunset trailer to give it a go. Making your dream home but you cant live there all your life. It gets old and now it’s time to say goodbye to it. You will see many methods while searching for how to get rid of a trailer home. And all of them are effective. Here are some of the best options for how to get a trailer home off my property:

Option 1: Mobile Home Demolition


As a mobile home park owner, the mobile home demolition process is pretty simple. You just need to Seek quotes from multiple demolition services for the mobile home deconstruction task. Then, Select the most suitable mobile home demolition contractor for the project. Secure the necessary permit. Disassemble the mobile home structure. 

They will make your trailer home flatbed trailer.  Set aside salvageable materials and scrap-worthy materials. And the rest will be done by a mobile home demolition contractor.


You have to get yourself a demolition permit when you wanna tear down all mobile homes, be it a city, town, or wherever. And the sad part is permits aren’t free. They’ll cost you a pretty penny, usually between 100 to 400 dollars, or sometimes even more. You can salvageable materials from it.

How much exactly you have to spend depends on where you’re at and on your debris. You should discuss permit requirements with your mobile home disposal contractor, as they may not be included in the bill.


Well the cost depends on the weight of the trailer home. But, on average, the average cost of demolition is around $3.50 to $5 for every square foot.

So, if your trailer home is 15 feet by 50 feet, that’d be around $2,625 to $3,750 to get rid of it. Also, salvageable materials can save up for you.


Making a trailer home can take months. It’s sad, but interior demolition doesn’t take much. Traditional demolition of all mobile homes can typically be completed in just a few hours.

Option 2: Deconstructing The Trailer Home

Deconstructing The Trailer Home


However, the process can be done in the same way as the mobile home demolition process. But you can take the job into your own hands if you want free trailer home removal. You can do the deconstructing ing by yourself and save some dollars. So, how to tear down a trailer home by hand?

To do that, you need these things on hand:

  • Take a big metal arm thingy on tracks with a hydraulic hand to break the wall
  • Couple of big dumpsters, like two of them, one for junk and one for metal stuff
  • Another machine with a bucket for moving stuff around on land or in the dumpster.
  • I saw that chops stuff, some drills, and other tools to make your trailer home into the flatbed trailer.
  • Big truck and trailer for takin’ all this stuff to where it needs to go.

Now, how to take things apart: The best way is to use a mix of people and machines. Doing it all by hand takes forever. But if you just use the big machines, you don’t save much stuff from going in the trash.

Usually, you can get it done in half a day with one person driving the equipment, another person helpin’, and someone else who does a bit of both.


A demolition permit to deconstruct a home average cost the same as demolition, typically between $200 and $350. It’s better to talk to your mobile home demolition contractor that permit costs are included in their quote.


Deconstruction process and waste disposal cost per home was $1,706. But it depends on what type of trailer home. Reclaimed salvageable materials yielded an average net savings of $201 per modular home.


It typically takes half a day to complete this technique with one full-time equipment operator, one laborer, and one part-time equipment operator/laborer.

Option 3: Relocating The Trailer Home


Start by requesting quotes from multiple contractors. They do relocating hundreds of homes each day. Choose the mobile home demolition contractor who suits your needs best of your resident. The mobile home demolition contractor will discuss all the details with you.  You can start by taking off exterior components such as stairs, decks, porches, chattels, and the like.

Remove the skirting surrounding the mobile home dealer. And Disconnect utilities and release any ungrounded ties. Employ a crane to hoist the mobile homes onto a flatbed trailer. The company will do the rest.


If you plan to relocate your mobile home, you must obtain the necessary demolition permit to guarantee it is secure and appropriate for transportation on highways.


The moving cost actually depends on where you are taking your mobile. However, the average cost of $3000 to $12000 dollars.


And time also depends on location. The closer your relocating place is, the less time it will take.

Option 4: Donating The Trailer Home

Donating The Trailer Home


To start, make sure that your travel trailers or trailer home aligns with building codes. Take a good look at your building codes carefully and make sure your building codes meet the donations laws.

Then, select a charity or individual to donate to, such as Karz4Kids or Housing Assistance for Veterans. It’s better than making the flatbed trailer. You need to send a written notice. After that, make arrangements for the pickup of the mobile homes.

Alternatively, there’s a third option available. You can reach out to your local fire department and inquire if they’re interested in using the structure for live fire training. Some fire departments might be willing to conduct a controlled burn on your mobile home for no charge. Donating your mobile home isn’t the speediest way to part with it, but it’s the most compassionate option.


Here comes the most fun part. There is no average cost. It’s totally free! You dont need to spend a single penny on it. However, it will hurt you little if you spent dollars on renovating your trailer home. But try to be happy thinking it wanna be someone else’s dream home from now.


The donation process and paperwork may take some time. It depends on where you live and what charity you choose.

Option 5: Selling The Trailer Home


Selling your old mobile home can be more profitable than a flatbed trailer. However, it’s worth noting that this method may require more time than quicker alternatives. The timeframe for a sale is contingent on the local market conditions and the price you set.

And it’s typically on par with the duration it takes to sell a traditional stick-built house. Or you can put it in a listing service like After finding the right way to close the deal with the traditional process. And make sure to complete the lien fully. Dont need a demolition permit for it.


Here comes the best part. This time you won’t be spending. You will get cash on your bank insist.


I can’t specify the time. It depends on your local market. However, if you get lucky, then you can get the right buyer within a weak.

Watch The Tutorial

Demolishing a mobile home

Demolishing A Mobile Home

Find Mobile Home Removal Companies Near You

See, finding a mobile home removal company isn’t that hard. You just need to talk to the Local Directories. They will let you know some of the best mobile home removal companies. You can look up their details and decide which works best for you.

Or you can look up online services like Hometown Demolition, Phoenix Mobile Home, or Heavy Haulers. You just need their contact information. Call them, and they will share all the details needed. Then you just need to pay and sit back. They will do their job.

Tips For Getting Rid Of A Trailer Home Quickly And Easily

Getting Rid Of A Trailer Home Quickly And Easily
  1.  Sell to trailer pros: manufactured homes folks buy these things. They make it quick and easy.
  2. Net it online: Stick it on sites like Craigslist, Facebook, or mobile home spots. Pics and details help reel in buyers.
  3. Fix the high price: Make it tempting with a fair deal. You buy a trailer home because trailer homes are cheap. But when you need to get rid of you want something in return. So, Check the market and manufactured homes shape. Price it just right.
  4. Cash is king: Take cash deals for speed. Beats waiting on bank stuff.
  5. Hype up locals: Use paper boards and walk around town.
  6. House checkup: Get it inspected before listing. Fix issues. A well-kept home sells faster.
  7. Bargain, but not too much: Be open to bargaining, but set a floor. Quick sales sometimes need wiggle room.
  8. Get a Pro: Get a mobile home pro or real estate expert to help. They know the ropes.
  9. Paperwork ready: Have titles, records, and docs sorted. Speeds up the sale.

Remember, time varies based on place, home shape, and the market. Follow these steps for a fast trailer home sale.

What To Do If You Can’t Afford To Get Rid Of Your Trailer Home?

Are you short in budget and can’t afford to get rid of your manufactured homes? Then dont need to be disheartened or frustrated. You can’t just let your mobile home be an abandoned home. If you can’t afford to get rid of your trailer home, then sell or donate it.

Selling or donating it won’t average cost you any money. Selling it will bring money to your bank insist. So, rather than making your mobile home a haunted house, sell or donate it.

What Should You Do If You Can’t Sell Your Trailer Home?

If you are facing an issue selling your manufactured homes for some illegal issue. Then don’t just sit back; take some steps. Owner Financing is one of the effective ways. Offer ownership financing to make your mobile home more attractive to buyers who don’t qualify for traditional mortgages. Work with a real estate attorney to create a secure agreement. You can airbnb your trailer home too. That way it won’t be just abandoned, it will be you passive income source too.

What Should You Do If You Can't Sell Your Trailer Home

Or you can talk to a real estate agent. Tell them all of your issues, and they will advise you on what to do. They can guide you or even get you lienholders. After doing all of this, it doesn’t work either. Then dont take much headache. Just call a charity and donate it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Double-Wide Mobile Home?

The cost to remove a double-wide mobile home can vary widely depending on several factors, including location, size, accessibility, and the specific services required. On average, you can expect to pay between $2,000 and $6,000 for the removal of a double-wide mobile home.

Do You Need A Permit To Tear Down A Trailer Home?

Just like manufactured housing, a trailer home also needs a permit. A Demolition permit is required to demolish any residential or commercial structure, including interior load-bearing walls, and if demolition affects other trades or structural components.

Permits and building codes are the legal requirements for removing a trailer home. In many areas, you will need permits to demolish and remove a mobile home. The requirements and costs associated with these permits vary. So, it’s crucial to check with your local government or building codes department to understand the specific permitting process in your area.

How Much Do You Get For Scrapping A Trailer Home?

Scrap yards pay little for metal, but the labor cost to harvest it is high. Other materials in the house, such as thin sheet metal, wood, electrical wires, and insulation, have little actual value.

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I hope now you know how to get rid of a trailer home. Use one of the methods and get rid of your trailer home rather than making a haunted house. If you face any issues with getting rid of your manufactured homes, then contact an expert.

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