Is Sunset Trail A Good Camper?[Expert Advice]




Key Takeaways :-

  • The Sunset Trail is considered a good camper, but its suitability depends on individual needs and preferences.
  • The camper provides ample storage options, including a pantry and  additional features like an outdoor camp kitchen, an electric awning with LED lights, and an easy-to-use control center.
  • The cost of a Sunset Trail varies by model but typically falls between $28,050 and $38,145, making it a balanced choice between comfort and value.
  • The disadvantages of Sunset Trail include price, storage restrictions, difficulties with parking and towing, and possible maintenance needs from new features.

When I first got into the camper trailer thing. And I searched to buy a camper trailer. I got so damn confused, just like you. Because there are dozens of trailer camper out there. I was rooming around like a lost puppy at first. Then, the sunset travel trailers caught my attention. I mean, why it wouldn’t? It has a gorgeous interior with a secure stance step. What more do you need?

Is Sunset Trail A Good Camper

Is Sunset Trail a good camper still keeps knocking in your mind?

 As a new buyer, it’s pretty common to be in delusion. However, I can assure you that Sunset Trail is a good camper. You won’t have to worry about routine problems with this high-quality RV.

I know you are still not convinced by my answer. I was in your place before. That’s why I have tried to cover all of my experiences in this travel trailer review. Read on to this travel trailer review and learn the real experience of a sunset trail camper.

So, Is Sunset Trail A Good Camper?

You are desperate to know the answer. I get it. But the answer is Sunset Trail is a good camper, depending on your needs. Sunset travel trailers are a good camper for me. It’s fulfilled everything I was looking for in my RV travel trailer review. Sunset travel trailers is one of the best RV brands. But can it be a good travel trailer for you?

Is Sunset Trail A Good Camper

See, Sunset Travel Trailers is a good pick for me. It’s strong with stuff like tough aluminum sides, stable steps, and snazzy wheels. It’s got a handy feature for cleaning the tank and heating water quickly. And its chaise lounge is so cozy.

This trailer weight is also so light and perfect to travel around. That’s why it’s perfect for a travel freak. The air conditioner keeps you cool, and the awning has pretty lights for evenings. Crossroads  RV sunset trail also has a king bed. What more  additional features can you want from a good trailer camper?

Crossroads Sunset Travel Trailer Review

You may get little answer of what you are looking for. However, let me clarify the review in a little more detail. So that you won’t be left with any questions about the  RV sunset trail. This is stealing the market among all new RVs. This RV sunset trail super lite, making it easy to use. 

The bathroom was roomy and had plastic toilets, not china ones, but it didn’t bother me much. There’s good storage there, too, with cabinets on both sides. An outdoor kitchen is another additional feature of  RV Sunset trail.

Crossroads Sunset Travel Trailer Review

The outdoor kitchen lets you enjoy sightseeing and fulfill my favorite camping recipe. camp kitchen is the best part. You can enjoy the beautiful view and cook your favorite meal at the same time. And that chaise lounge gives me the most luxurious feel.

The medicine cabinet was a bit puzzling. However, you can organize it as per your needs. There were hidden storage spots with power outlets, but there was a weird space under the king bed, maybe for shoes or a small pet.

The living area was comfy with nice theater seats, although no electric fireplace existed. So, if you are looking for a comfy travel camper trailer, then Crossroads Sunset Travel Trailers is the perfect fit. The dinette used a classic hinge, which was cool. The outdoor kitchen felt a bit tight with an L-shaped counter, but there’s lots of storage with drawers and a big pantry in the camp kitchen.

When the super slide is closed, it blocks the bathroom, which is inconvenient. But it’s good for boondocking with optional solar panels and plugs for the outdoor fridge.

Inside, it’s got a control center and an easy door handle. The wheels are solid, solid surface kitchen countertops and the tires are top-notch. You can watch TV and stay connected with Wi-Fi stuff. So, Sunset Trail’s got what you need for a comfy camping trip. However if you are still not happy with that then you can renovate a trailer home and make it look like your dream home.

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2022 Crossroads Sunset Trail 253RB Review

Crossroads Sunset Trail Review

Pros And Cons Of Crossroads Sunset Trail

who makes crossroads sunset trail? The Thor industry makes  RV Sunset trail. That’s why it is so good. I just keep complementing it. So, does it mean it only has a good site? No actually.  rv sunset trail is filled with luxury additional features. But it has some cons. Take a look at its pros and cons on both sides before investing in Crossroads Sunset Trail.


  • High-quality amenities and finishes
  • Spacious layout with recliners instead of a couch,tri-fold sofa, and pet sections.
  • Ample storage options, including a pantry
  • Outdoor camp kitchen feature
  • Offers two- and three-year warranties


  • Higher price tag
  • Limited closet space
  • Some issues with the bathroom door not closing
  • Difficulty towing a larger trailer
  • May not fit in RV-designated spaces in parks

Customer Satisfaction And Ratings

As you can tell, customers love their Crossroads Sunset Trail more than toy haulers. I mean, Why wouldn’t they? The outdoor kitchen has many cupboards; the bathroom is big and has this three-panel glass thing for the tub. Residential kitchens are the best.

They even got a fancy mattress topper for the king bed to make it cozy. Customers love its chaise lounge the most. They should be because the chaise lounge is so cozy and luxurious.

There’s a window at the head of the king bed, and you can see stars or something at night. Plus, there’s a TV, DVD, CD, radio, and surround sound for movie nights. Oh, and there’s a fireplace that keeps you warm without using too much propane.

Outside, they got a fridge, grill, and canopy for fun camping. Cool blue lights and music make evenings nice. If you go to the customer’s review section, you will find 5 stars and compliments more than complaints.

Interior And Exterior Features

This thing play big role on the cost when you want to remove a trailer home or wants to get rid of the trailer home. So, read this attentively and see if it matches your needs or not. Don’t regret  later.

Interior FeaturesExterior Features
6 Sided Aluminum StructureStainless Steel Microwave (Sunset Package)
Secure Stance StepGas Oven w/ Glass Top Range Cover (Sunset Package)
Aluminum Wheels (Sunset Package)Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink w/ Cover – Single Bowl
Black Tank Flush (Sunset Package)Solid Surface Countertops in outdoor kitchen
Quick Recovery 6 Gal G/E DSI Water Heater (17.8 gal/hr)10 CU FT Refer or (Optional 8 FT3 Gas/Electric) (Sunset Package)
Tinted WindowsAM/FM/Stereo w/ Bluetooth & HDMI (Sunset Package)
13,500 BTU Ducted Air ConditionerSkylight In Shower
Electric Awning w/ LED StripDetector for Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, and LP Gas
Docking Station w/ Battery Disconnect (N/A – Single Axles)Fire Extinguisher
Nitrogen Filled Radial TiresDecorative Bedspread (Sunset Package)
HD Digital TV Antenna – Wi-Fi Prep        Tri-FoldSleeper Sofa
30” Friction Hinge Duel Entry Door w/ Motion Sensor LightWindshield in Front Cap (222RB, 257FK, 269FK, 285CK)
Front Diamond Plate – Rock GuardChaise Lounge (212RB & 222RB)
20# LP Bottles (Sunset Package)King Bed Base with Shoe Storage & Pet Station
Backup Camera PrepFireplace (Available on specific models)
Spare TireXL Jumbo Booth w/ Panoramic Landscape Window
Detachable Power Cord (30 Amp)Drawers Below Booth
Pass-through Storage Area w/ Motion LED & Slam Latch DoorsFlush Floor Plan – Main Slide
Fiberglass Front CapvNight Shades (Sunset Package)
Interior And Exterior Features of Sunset Trail

Performance On The Road

On the road, this Crossroads Sunset Trail got some real nice performance goin’ on. I love it more on the road than staying in it. It’s built sturdy, with that aluminum stuff all around it. Makes it feel tough and like it’s gonna last a good while.

And that awning, it’s electric, with LED lights, sets the mood for a good time. Plus, USB ports are everywhere, even in the bedrooms and bunks. And them nightshades, they keep things dark when you wanna sleep.

So, you see, this Crossroads Sunset Trail has some really nice road performance and a comfy, high-end feel inside. It is good for adventures and relaxing.

Maintenance And Reliability

Yeah, so, this Crossroads Sunset Trail ain’t too high-maintenance, which is real nice, you know? Like, you don’t have to fuss around with it too much. I just did some basic stuff to keep it rolling smoothly.

First, that aluminum structure is sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about falling apart. And their wheels, they’re good to go. Just keep them spinning. Black tank flush? Well, that’s for cleanin’ out the tanks, don’t let them get too nasty. The water heater is quick, but give it a once-over occasionally to ensure it’s still kicking.

They have tinted windows; just keep them clean so you can see out. Outside speakers, make sure they’re not crackling when you blast your tunes. And that awning with the LED lights, check the lights now and then, make sure they’re shining bright.

Don’t let the ac get clogged up with dust. Make sure to keep an eye on all the additional features. If you see something wrong, fix it right away. If you use those RV tips on your RV crossroad correctly, then it will give you company in the long run.

On top of that if your sunset trailer is in good condition then you can also airbnb your trailer. It’s like getting back your investment. So, take care of your trailer, it will give you back something.

Cost And Value Of Sunset Trail

Alright, now that you come this far, the luxury features of Hitch RV Crossroad may have fit your needs. Now it’s time to know its cost, right? Well, there isn’t any exact number for it. The cost varies with the crossroads model. You may find people wondering why trailer homes are so cheap and all. But in reality it isn’t that cheap. In general, a crossroad sunset will cost you $28050 to $38145.

Now, when it comes to value, it’s gonna depend on what you’re lookin’ for. If you want a reliable adventure ride with some nice perks, this Sunset Trail might just hit the sweet spot.

But remember, it’s all about what you’re willin’ to pay for that comfort and style. So, in the end, the cost and value of this Crossroads Sunset Trail, well, it’s a balance.

Cost And Value Of Sunset Trail

You decide if it’s worth the bucks for the good times on the road. You can look for trailers for sale if you are looking for a cheap price.

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Drawbacks Or Limitations Of The Sunset Trail Camper

 Limitations Of The Sunset Trail Camper

No matter who manufactures Sunset trailer ? There will be some drawbacks, too. So, let’s get real for a minute and talk about the drawbacks and limitations of this Crossroads Sunset Trail camper. It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, you know. This destination trailer also has drawbacks. 

First off, this thing can be on the pricey side. Yeah, you’re getting some good stuff, but it might make your wallet feel lighter than you’d like.

Now, it’s got a nice interior, but their closets they’re small and kinda of hard to reach. And if you’re thinking of going for a king-size bed, well, be ready for small closets to get even smaller. It’s a trade-off for that comfy king bed, I reckon.

Towing this big guy can be a bit of a challenge. It’s longer and larger, so fitting it into the tight RV spots in national parks can be a real headache. Plus, you’ll need a beefy vehicle to tow it.

And don’t forget, it’s a camper, not a mansion. So, space is limited, especially in the smaller models. If you’re looking for tons of room to stretch out, you might wanna keep looking.

Lastly, it’s got a lot of bells and whistles, but that can mean more things to maintain and fix down the road. So, be ready for some upkeep. So, yes, there are drawbacks and limitations. But come on, you can’t have everything in, right? I would say it has more benefits than drawbacks. That means investing in it won’t hurt you that much.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is The Sunset Trail Camper Suitable For Families Or Larger Groups?

Well, it depends on your definition of “larger groups.” The Sunset Trail camper comes in various floor plans, some of which can accommodate families quite comfortably. You’ll find bunkhouse models that are great for kiddos. But if you’re talking about a really large group, you might need to explore larger RV options.

What Kind Of Maintenance Is Required For The Sunset Trail Camper?

Maintenance ain’t no walk in the park, but it’s doable. You’ll want to monitor things like the water heater, the AC, and general cleanliness. Check those wheels and give the interior a good wipe-down occasionally. And don’t forget the regular RV maintenance like roof inspections.

Is Sunset Trail A Good Camper For Sale?

The Sunset Trail was generally regarded as a good camper by many RV enthusiasts and owners. However, the availability and reputation of specific models and their suitability for sale may vary depending on your location and the current market conditions.

Who Manufactures A Sunset Trailer?

Crossroads RV is the company behind the Sunset Trail camper. They’re the ones who put it all together.

How Long Is The Sunset Trail 272bh?

As for the length of the Sunset Trail 272BH, well, it’s a 31′ 5″-footer. Yep, that’s right, 31’5 feet of camping goodness. There is enough room to stretch out and enjoy the great outdoors.


I hope now you know the answer to whether Is sunset trail a good camper or not. Sunset Trail is sure is good. It has all the necessary things a travel trailer may ask to have. But it still depends on individual needs. However, if you ask me, then I would say Sunset Trail is the best camper. Buy it with and travel in comfy.

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