Karavan Vs Carry On Trailers: Basic Insights For Your Trailer Decision




Did you know that every year, tons of people face a big question: should they go for a Karavan or a Carry On trailer? It’s a real head-scratcher! 

I remember when my neighbor, Joe, was stuck on this decision. He spent weeks comparing the two. So, what’s the deal with Karavan vs Carry On trailers?

Karavan Vs Carry On Trailers

Karavan Vs Carry On Trailers

Well, they’re both awesome choices for hauling stuff, but they have their differences. Karavan trailers are known for their sturdy build. They’re like the tough kids on the playground. 

On the other hand, Carry On trailers are more about flexibility. They’re the ones who can bend and twist in all sorts of ways.

In simple words, if you’re thinking about which trailer to buy, think about what you need. Do you want something super strong? Or do you need an adaptable trailer? Your choice can make a big difference in your hauling adventures.

 Key Point: 

  • Karavan trailers are like the tough guys, built strong for the big jobs.
  • Carry On trailers are your everyday heroes, they good for regular tasks and easier on the wallet.
  • Both have their own special features, so pick what suits your needs best.

Karavan Vs Carry On Trailers: Basics Difference

Let’s jump into the differences between Karavan vs Carry On Trailers. Imagine you’re choosing between two cool bikes, each with its own style and features. That’s what I’m doing here, but with trailers.

Karavan Vs Carry On Trailers: Basics Difference


Karavan trailers are often the go-to for folks who want something a bit more special. They’re like the sports cars of trailers. 

Carry On, on the other hand, is your reliable everyday vehicle. It’s perfect for simple jobs like moving stuff from A to B.


Karavan got all sorts of cool add-ons, like patented fold-down rails and a sure-lube wheel bearing grease system. 

Carry On is more straightforward – it’s like a sturdy pocket knife that gets the job done.


Karavan trailers are the fancy ones. They’ve got stuff like nylon bushing springs and a 17-step powder coat finish – like a fancy suit. 

Carry On is more like your trusty jeans, solid but not too fancy.


Karavan trailers can handle heavier stuff. They’re built for the big jobs, like carrying heavy equipment. 

Carry On is lighter, more for everyday use.

Build Quality And Materials

Karavan boasts an aluminum frame and a high-quality build – think of it as the fancy, durable backpack. 

Carry On might use simpler materials like wood plank floors, but it’s reliable and lasts a long time – like a good, solid bookbag.

Price Point

Karavan trailers might be a bit pricier, kind of like ordering a fancy meal. 

Carry On is more budget-friendly – like grabbing a tasty burger.

Distribution And Availability

You can find Carry On trailers pretty easily in most stores. Karavan might be a bit harder to find. That’s only in certain shops.

Now, about trailer brakes smoking – that’s something you might worry about with heavier loads, especially with Karavan’s ability to carry more. You need to keep an eye on that. 

And when pulling a trailer, what gear should I drive in when pulling a trailer? Well, it depends on the weight and your vehicle, but generally, a lower gear helps, especially for heavy trailers like Karavan might handle.

Talking about value, carry on trailer value is great for its price – it’s like getting a great deal on a solid product. And for Karavan, are Karavan utility trailers good? Absolutely, they’re like the high-end version in the trailer world.

Weight Capacity Of Karavan And Carry On Trailers

So, about the weight capacity of Karavan and Carry On trailers, each one can handle different amounts. It’s kind of cool to think about how much they can carry. 

Karavan trailers usually hold around 2,000 to 12,000 pounds. On the other hand, Carry On trailers can handle about 1,200 to 15,000 pounds. It’s like each trailer has its own strength, ready to take on heavy loads.

Imagine going on a road trip and having one of these trailers. You could pack all sorts of stuff, from camping gear to maybe even a small boat. Keep this in mind even while using a destination trailer as a travel trailer.

Just remember, it’s important to check the specific model of the trailer to know exactly how much it can carry. After all, you wouldn’t want to overload it.

Trailers have some neat features too. They might have patented fold-down rails or an A-frame tongue, which is super important for utility trailers. The wheel bearing systems help the trailer move smoothly on the road.

Also, have you heard about any recalls on Karavan utility trailers?  These are important things to think about if you own one or are planning to buy one.

I hope this helps you get a better idea about trailer weights and what to look for in a good one. Stay safe on the road!

What Types Of Trailers Does Karavan Offer Compared To Carry-On?

Here’s a comparative table outlining the types of trailers offered by Karavan and Carry-On:

What Types Of Trailers Does Karavan Offer Compared To Carry-On
CategoryKaravan Trailers    Carry-On Trailers
Utility Trailers        – Steel Utility Trailers-Aluminum Utility Trailers                   – Various Utility Trailers- Landscape Trailers- Wood Floor Trailers
Marine Trailers       – Boat Trailers- Personal Watercraft Trailers         – Pontoon Trailers– Not specifically categorized
Industrial    – Industrial Trailers (specific types not detailed)     – Not specifically categorized
Other Categories    – Not specified in the sources        – Equipment Trailers- Dump Trailers- Cargo Trailers- ATV and Motorcycle Trailers- Car Haulers

Now, let’s talk about trailers. You know, those patented fold-down rails, the kind with a-frame tongues and utility trailers? They’re built for the long haul. 

And the wheel bearing systems? Top-notch! They make sure your road performance is smooth. Imagine a nice trailer with an aluminum frame.

Need different sizes? They’ve got additional sizes to fit your needs. And the hitch ball size? Just right for clean greasing. Whether it’s heavy equipment or lockable tensioner latches, everything’s made with care.

Oh, and about towing trailer nose high or figuring out what kind of welder you need to build a trailer? No sweat. With the right know-how, you’re all set. Just remember, when it comes to trailers, quality, and safety are key. Keep it steady, and you’re good to go!

Which One Is Better For Traveling?

Karavan Trailers are pretty awesome if you’re looking for durability. They often come with patented fold-down rails and a sturdy A-frame tongue. This means they can handle those wider loads and heavy equipment like a champ. Plus, the aluminum frame is a big win for keeping things light but strong.

On the flip side, Carry On Trailers shine with their utility trailers. They’ve got these cool wheel bearing systems that help with smooth road performance.

Which One Is Better For Traveling

If you’re worried about bearing failure, their sure-lube wheel bearing grease system is a lifesaver. Also, their trailers usually have this 17-step powder coat finish, which is a fancy way of saying they’re super durable and look nice, too.

In my opinion, Karavan trailers are a little better than Carry-On trailers. 

Oh, and there’s been some talk about a recall. What is the recall on Karavan utility trailers? It’s always good to check that out. You want to make sure your trailer is safe and ready for your adventures.

Customer Reviews And Satisfaction

According to my research, some customers are unhappy, claiming problems like worries about safety with the trailer’s design, bad wiring, and trouble buying because stores like Home Depot don’t have enough in stock.

But most of the customers are really satisfied with both products.

Carry On Trailer Reviews:

Steve R. Williams purchased this product and gave (5*****) rating and said, “This is easy to install in existing holes. Anybody could do it. Works perfectly!”

Review in the US on January 18, 2023: Fits OEM carry-on trailer (5*****)-

“Thank you for putting this item on Amazon and having a seller stock it. My first one broke three months ago when I took it down a country road. Now I’m on my second one. The body is well-made, but the lenses aren’t very good and break too easily. Carry On doesn’t sell lenses, so I have to keep getting the whole case unit. For now, I appreciate the OEM replacement source here on Amazon. If I need to order more, I’ll probably look for other options.”

Donna H. on Birdeye –

“It has been almost a year since I bought a small Karavan trailer. Because I worked in the Navajo Nation, I couldn’t make an appointment to register for it. My old dad offered to do it, but then he lost the registration and title packet. Since then, I’ve been trying to get a new title from HD. Not helpful!

Tiffany stepped up and worked with HD to make it happen!! She is truly a customer service superstar!! Now that my title is on its way, I can use the video! Thanks, Tiffany!!”

Drew V. on Birdeye – (Critical Review)

“To begin, the customer service guarantee manager won’t talk to me on the phone so I can take more time to explain the problem. She chose to email me pictures of the damage to the caravan instead of calling me because she thought that talking to her customer for a long time over a few weeks would be better. I bought a $35,000 boat with a Karavan trailer, and it’s been giving me trouble ever since. When I tried to get the boat shop to help me with the problems, they said they were no longer in business.”

Warranty And Customer Support Of Karavan Vs Carry On Trailers 

Every new Karavan Trailers, Inc. comes with a warranty that says it will be free of problems with the materials and the work for one (1) year from the date it was bought or two (2) years from the date it was made.

Karavan Trailers will come with a restricted guarantee that covers maker flaws on the frame for life. You have 180 days to return or exchange races, bearings, and seals after buying them.

Warranty And Customer Support Of Karavan Vs Carry On Trailers 

Carry-On Trailers offers a limited warranty for one year for utility trailers and three years for enclosed trailers. If the trailer is rented or used for commercial hauling, this Limited Warranty is null and void.

Customer support for both brands:

Karavan Trailers

You can submit a warranty claim online or request additional help through their website. You can also call Karavan Trailers at (800) 453-7379. For the fastest service, you can have your trailer Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) ready.

Carry-On Trailers

You can contact Carry-On Trailers at (800) 240-3121 or (706) 356-5379, or by email at customerservice@carry-ontrailer.com.

How Do You Choose The Between Them?

First, check out the frame tongue and patented fold-down rails. These are super important for how your trailer handles on the road. You want something that feels good when you’re towing, right? Just like a nice sneaker!

Now, wheels matter a lot. Wheel bearing systems and that sure-lube wheel bearing grease system? They keep things running smoothly. No one wants a bearing failure while on a trip. Also, are those nylon bushing springs and leaf springs? They help with the bumpy stuff, making the ride smoother.

And the look of it matters too. 17-step powder coat finish or a powder coat finish on the frame? That’s like the cool color on your sneaker. And a wood floor or wood plank floor? That’s for carrying heavier stuff or even loading via forklift. Good for wider loads.

If you’re building your own, you might wonder, What size C channel for the trailer? Those are key for making sure your trailer is as sturdy as your favorite sneaker. So, choose wisely and have fun on your adventures!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Who Owns Karavan Trailers?

Scott Boyd and his brother Mike started Karavan in 1986 in Hartford, Wisconsin. They were driven by a desire to make the best trailers possible.

Which Is The Best Trailer To Buy?

It really depends on what you need it for. For camping get a travel trailer. If you’re moving stuff, a utility trailer is great.

The most popular type of trailer is a utility trailer. It’s used a lot for moving stuff. It’s simple, not too big, and really handy for carrying things like tools, lawn mowers, or even furniture.

Is There A Significant Difference In The Pricing Of Karavan And Carry-On Trailers?

Karavan and Carry-On trailers do have different prices. It usually depends on what size and type you pick. Karavan can cost a bit more. They’re known for good quality. Carry-On trailers are often less pricey.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, you’re thinking about Karavan vs Carry On trailers, remember a few things. 

Karavan trailers are pretty cool because they have things like fold-down rails and a special frame. They’re made for carrying big stuff and do a good job on the road. 

Carry On trailers, on the other hand, have a tough powder coat finish and wood floors, which are great for heavy loads.

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