How Much Below Msrp Should I Pay For A Travel Trailer?(Ratio Explained And Tricks To Negotiate)




Buying a travel trailer is a big investment. So, you can’t just go to the market and buy a trailer the next day. If you do that, then it is highly likely that you spend every penny on your travel trailer. To avoid that, you need to sit down and understand the MSRP pretty well. So, what does MSRP mean? 

How Much Below Msrp Should I Pay For A Travel Trailer

Well, MSRP means Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, and it increases and decreases based on some factors. Such as RV dealers and trailer conditions. Well, then, how much below MSRP should I pay for a travel trailer? As I have told you, it may vary based on factors. 

Msrp Should I Pay For

However, in short, the safe price range of MSRP is 20 to 30%. If you pay more than then sorry to inform you, you have been robbed!

 Key Point: 

  • Discount Tip: Score 20-30% off MSRP for that dream travel trailer! 🚐💰
  • Smart Shopper Move: Research online, compare fair prices, and own that negotiation game. 💻🔍
  • Timing is Everything: Off-peak seasons = more bargaining power. Dealers want sales. You want savings! 📅💪
  • Negotiation Hacks: Stay cool 😎, let them make the first move, and focus on the total price.💸🤝

Surprisingly, it happens so often. If you don’t want to get robbed and get a fair price deal, then keep reading to have a clear idea of MSRP.

What Influences The MSRP to Be High of A Travel Trailer?

Finding out how much under MSRP should i pay for an RV is such a headache. Because getting the right MSRP is the real struggle. Some dealers will always be ready to break the bank with dealer prices. Dealing with them isn’t easy, like buying or renovating a trailer home. Also, deciding its cost isn’t that simple, like deciding the cost to renovate a trailer home.  Dealers do a lot of drama to hand over the trailer to you.

They are not completely wrong, either. They have their reasons, too. I know seeing me say this makes you a little frustrated. However, there are reasons for the high influence of MSRP. 

Let me break it down for you:

So, RVs? It’s super hot right now, and everyone wants one. And you know what happens when everyone wants something? Prices shoot up! Retailers and makers are cashing in, filling their pockets with every dime they can catch. Blame it on low interest rates, sales tax, and the post2020 chaos – folks just want to hit the road.

But here’s the kicker:

Not enough RVs to go around. Dealerships are emptier than your snack stash after a movie marathon. People are dropping cash on RVs that aren’t even born yet – like, they’re still in production! They also need to keep the profit margins to make some profit, right?

Wait, there is more; how would you forget the production costs? They’re soaring, too. Blame it on inflation and the struggle to keep skilled workers on the RV-making team. Plus, sales tax shipping costs are playing hard to get. Combine these, and bam – making RVs gets crazy expensive for having profit margins for dealer profit, too.

And you know what that means? Yep, you’re paying more because the makers are passing the bill down the line from them to the dealers and finally, to your wallet. It’s the RV circle of life, and it’s hitting us where it hurts – in our piggy banks. But what can you do? You have to fulfill your dreams even if it hurts, right?

How Much Below Msrp Should I Pay For A Travel Trailer?

Now, let’s clear up your question: how much below MSRP should I pay for a travel trailer? Alright, check this out – when you’re dropping cash on a new travel trailer, shoot for around 20% off the fancy-sounding Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). 

How Much Below Msrp Should I Pay For A Travel Trailer

But here’s the real deal – trailer prices can play mind games. You see a price range of $20,000, one at Dealer A and a $22,000 one at Dealer B. Seems like Dealer A’s winning, right? Hold up. There’s more to the story – they’ll slap on registration and title fees to add con to the price range. About $250 for the app and less than 50 bucks for the title. Sneaky?

Quick tip: If you see “firm price” in the ad, don’t even dream of negotiating. The seller’s playing hardball. But if it says “price to be discussed,” you’re in business. It could mean you can get a cheaper price or maybe a sweet drop in percentage.

Now, let’s talk about new vs. used and dealer vs. private seller. For a brand-new trailer from a dealer, aim for 35% off. Private seller? Not applicable, sorry. Used from a dealer? 20% is the magic number. A private seller with a used one? Go for 25% or maybe even more – depends on the vibes and their desire to profit margins.

Sure, dealerships have got to pay the bills and manage sales tax but don’t think they’re losing money on you. Still, if you’re a ninja negotiator, you might snag 20% or even 30% off. That’s cash you can stash for your camping gear, my friend.

In the RV world, a 20% to 30% drop from MSRP is the sweet spot. Back in 2017, I scored a whopping 29% off for my  giant fifth wheel. But hold up, recent times have been wild. Deals are kind of back to 10% to 20%, and that 30% magic? Rare.

Pandemic peak? RVs flew off the shelves, and dealers had zero reasons to cut prices. Folks forked over big bucks. Now, how much can you chop off MSRP? Depends on the RV market price. Play it right, and you might snag that new ride without breaking the bank.

How Can I Increase My Chances Of Getting A Good Deal On A Travel Trailer?

Although getting a good deal is the trickiest thing to do. However, you can take a few steps to increase your chances of getting good deals. Before going to market, take a moment to ponder the following:

How Can I Increase My Chances Of Getting A Good Deal On A Travel Trailer

Scout Online Deals

Hit up the web – check RV dealers, ads, and special sites. Get the scoop on your dream trailer’s price. Knowing the market price game gives you power.

Dealer Hop

Do the dealer tour. Swing by a bunch and compare prices for the same rigs. Some might toss in extra goodies to seal the deal. That way, you can find the cheaper price of RV.

Used vs. New Game

Sure, new trailers shine, but used ones can save you big bucks. Check resale values – you want a steal, not a lemon.

Time It Right

Timing matters. Off-peak seasons are your secret weapon. Dealers want to make deals when things are slow. Do you want the upper hand? Go off-peak.

Walk Like You Mean It

Don’t fear the walk-away move. If the fair price ain’t singing your tune, strut away. Sometimes, that’s the magic move for a sweeter offer.

Total Price Talks:

Forget monthly payments. Negotiate the whole shebang –the total trailer cost. Dealers might flex more on the overall price.

Money Talks Before You Walk

Check financing options online before you hit the dealer. Knowing the rates and terms puts you in control during the haggle dance.

How Do You Negotiate With Rv Dealers On Msrp?

Alright, let’s talk about RV dealer negotiations – it’s a bit of an art. First, be the Sherlock of RVs. Know your stuff. Research the model, its usual price, and the cool features. You want to be the smartest person in the RV showroom.

How Do You Negotiate With Rv Dealers On Msrp

Now, when you walk in, keep it cool. Don’t unleash your excitement. Act like you’re just there to check things out; it’s no big deal. Ask about the RV, act interested, but don’t spill that you’re desperate to buy. Let alone your purchase price budget.

When they drop the MSRP bomb, don’t go wide-eyed. Stay calm. Let them know you’re not green – you did your homework. Mention other prices you’ve sniffed out, maybe from different places. Show you’re a smart shopper with options.

Time for the fun part of negotiation:

Aim for around 20% below MSRP – that’s the sweet spot to price estimates. But let them make the first move. Ask about discounts, promos, or any secret deals they’re hiding. They might spill the beans.

If they play hard to get, no worries. Drop the bomb – you’re ready to buy today if the cheaper price is right. But, of course, “right” means closer to your magic number, not theirs. And be ready to walk away if things get too wild. Your poker face is your power.

Oh, and those add-ons they love to throw in? Negotiate those too. Maybe score some freebies or upgrades. It’s all part of the game.

Final tip: Patience is key. Negotiating is a slow process, not a sprint. Take your time, keep your cool, and who knows, you might drive off with your dream RV and some extra cash in your pocket. Best of luck out there!

Things Not To Say To Dealers

Negotiating is fun if you know how to do it. However, if you are new to this, then you can mess up by saying a few things. No worries, I got your back here, too. Here are a few times you need to pause and stop yourself from saying:

I Love It, No Matter the Price

Don’t give away your cards too early. Expressing unconditional love for the RV tells the dealer they have the upper hand in negotiations. Keep your purchase price secret.

I’m Not Good at Negotiating

Weakness is not your friend here. If you admit you’re not a negotiator, the dealer might sense an easy win and offer fewer concessions.

I Have a Monthly Payment Limit of X

Keep your cards close. Revealing your exact budget can limit your negotiating power, as dealers may adjust the terms to max out your budget. If you spill the beans then the sale price won’t be in your terms.

I Don’t Know Much About RVs

Have the perfect knowledge of purchase price. Knowledge is power. If you play the clueless card, dealers might try to upsell you on features or convince you a higher price is justified.

I’ve Been Searching for This Model Everywhere!

They don’t need to know it’s your dream RV. This phrase signals a lack of options and diminishes your bargaining power.

I Have No Time to Shop Around

Implying you’re in a rush gives the dealer an advantage. Take your time, shop around, and don’t rush into a deal.

I’ll Pay Whatever It Takes

Never reveal an unlimited budget. Dealers might interpret this as a blank check and push prices to the max. Keep your financial boundaries clear.

So, if you want to take great deals, then play smart and hard to get. Don’t let them play you; you need to play them!

Highest Discount That I Can Expect To Get On A Travel Trailer

OK, after all those hassles, you may be thinking how much discount I can get from it, right? Well, it makes sense, too. Buying a travel trailer isn’t the only time you spend. Because after buying, there is also some cost to register a camper trailer and all types of trailers. So, having some discount is like getting hidden gems.

Highest Discount That I Can Expect To Get On A Travel Trailer

On average, people shoot for the lowest price of  10% to 20% cut from the fancy MSRP. That’s the sweet spot. But hey, sometimes lady luck smiles on you. During promos, clearance stock, or when things are moving at sloth speed, you might hustle your way into discounts above that 20% zone.

But hold on – it’s not just about you. The trailer itself plays a role. If it’s the hotshot everyone wants, dealers might play hardball on the price. Demand for RVs is a tricky part.

In that case, research becomes your secret weapon. Scope out the market price, negotiate car prices, and sniff out any sweet promos or perks. Time matters too – hit them up when they’re itching to make a deal, like during certain seasons.

Now, the real MVPs are those negotiators who’ve whispered tales of discounts topping 20%. Be like them – know your stuff, be cool as a cucumber, and be ready to ditch the deal if it’s not doing backflips for you. The RV market’s a wild ride, so buckle up, be flexible, and be a negotiable queen. And then you can come out with a great deal.

Factors Affecting Travel Trailer Pricing

After all those MSRP talks, you may be confused about how much should I spend on a travel trailer. Because I am talking so much about RV dealerships and blaming them for the high price of the travel trailer. But in reality, that’s not the full picture. More factors affect the price of travel trailers. For intense:

  • Size and Features: Bigger trailers with all the fancy stuff cost more to make. So yeah, you’re paying the extra price of travel trailers for that. High-end gadgets, cool entertainment systems, and top-notch safety features? You bet they’re adding to the bill.
  • Quality of Materials: Think premium vibes. If your trailer is rocking fancy materials, advanced tech, and tough components, you’re looking at the price of travel trailers. It’s like the difference between a regular burger and one with all the gourmet toppings.
  • Brand Reputation: Big names mean high prices. Established brands with a rep for quality and reliability? Yeah, they know they’re hot stuff, and that can mean a premium on the rv price tag. Reputation comes at a cost, my friend.
  • Market Demand: Basic rule – if everyone is scrambling for a specific trailer and there aren’t many to go around, prices shoot up. It’s supply and demand for RVs doing the trick. But if demand for RVs is low and dealers are playing tag with each other, you might snag a deal.
  • Economic Factors: The economy doing the cha-cha can mess with prices. Raw materials, labor costs, and all the stuff that goes into building your dream trailer? Yeah, changes in those can mean changes in the price you pay.
  • Dealer Location: Where the dealer sets up shop matters. High-cost living areas mean dealers might be jacking up prices to cover their own bills. Geography plays a sneaky role in your trailer’s final price.
  • Seasonal Trends: Timing is everything at the peak of the camping season. When everyone’s itching to hit the road, prices might be a bit stubborn. But catch them in the off-season, and dealers might be more open to a sweet deal.
  • Promotions and Incentives: Sometimes, dealers and makers throw in promos, discounts, or flashy financing deals. Keep an eye out for those – they can be the secret sauce to shave off some bucks from that total.

Moral of the story-

Do some research before jumping into buying the travel trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

When the RV world is chilling in off-peak seasons, like maybe in the winter freeze or when people are busy with holiday madness, that’s your golden ticket. Dealers want to make sales rain, so they might throw in sweeter discounts or extra goodies. 

What Is The Best Time To Buy A Travel Trailer?

The best time to buy a travel trailer is during the off-season, which is usually late fall and winter. Actual prices are typically cheapest at the end of the year, and you can find decent deals in November and February. 

How Long Can A Travel Trailer Run On Battery?

Your travel trailer’s battery ain’t a superhero. On average, it’s going to chug along for about one to 2 to 7 days. But hey, it depends on how much juice your gadgets suck up. Lights, fridges, and gadgets all love that battery buffet.

What To Look For Beyond The Sticker Price?

When buying a car, the total cost often consists of various additional charges that the dealer incurs. These charges are collectively referred to as “Out-the-Door” (OTD) fees.


Hope, now you are clear about your query; how much below MSRP should I pay for a travel trailer. Thus, don’t state for the loss deal. Negotiate with your dealer until he is ready to give what you demand. Be ready to fight until you visit an RV shop.

To know more about travel trailer price tips, stay with Little Anywhere.

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