Can You Pull A Boat Behind A Travel Trailer? Best Types And Legal Stuff




The travel trailer is a fun thing to have. You can take your family and friends and go anywhere. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about staying at all. You can stay in your trailer. So, why not take a boat and take an adventure to another level? But can you pull a boat behind a travel trailer? Just like you can pull a gooseneck trailer with a lifted truck?

Can You Pull A Boat Behind A Travel Trailer

Pull Boat Behind A Travel Trailer

Well, yes, you can. However, there is one in it. Which is legal stuff. Some states have become so strict about this. They don’t allow double towing. So, you need to be aware of your state’s law.

So, can you pull a boat behind a travel trailer in Florida? In which state is it legal to pull behind a trailer? How to pull a boat behind a travel trailer? Drive into learning all of those.

 Key takeaways: 

  • Yes, you can pull a boat behind a travel trailer, but legal restrictions vary by state. Just South Dakota it is legal, but somewhere it isn’t.
  • Double towing, or towing two trailers, is legal in some places but not everywhere.
  • Some states permit double towing only if the first trailer is a 5th wheel or gooseneck.
  • Some states may require a special commercial driver’s license (CDL) for double towing.

What Is Double Towing Or Triple Towing?

Before knowing about it, can you pull a boat behind a travel trailer in Minnesota or any other state? Double towing is when you hitch up two trailers behind your ride. And triple towing takes it up a notch, with three trailers tagging along for the road trip. You may have a rental truck to pull the travel trailer too.

It’s like creating a highway parade but with your car in the lead. Triple towing or double is legal in some places but not everywhere. Just legal in South Dakota and South Carolina is illegal. So, you need to check the rules before turning your car into a towing.

Can You Pull A Boat Behind A Travel Trailer?

Okay, so towing two things behind your truck is like walking a legal tightrope. Some states are cool with it, but there’s a catch: you need to follow their rules or risk a towing ticket.

Some states say it’s fine if the first trailer is a 5th wheel or gooseneck or even allow Toyota Tundra to pull a gooseneck trailer. But bumper pull trailers can’t lead the pack. And safety first: throw in brakes and safety chains for the first trailer to keep the law happy.

Can You Pull A Boat Behind A Travel Trailer

And if you’re towing a boat, things get even trickier. Depending on the boat and trailer weight, you might need brakes and safety chains. If it’s over 3,000 pounds, hit the trailer brake.

Bottom line: Check the state rules before turning your truck into a towing show. Be aware of towing capacity.

Well, it is hard to answer. Some states hate you double-towing. However, in 28 states in the US, it is legal to pull a boat behind a travel trailer. So,  can you pull a boat behind a travel trailer in Texas or not? So, let’s clear out your questions like this:

StateLegal or Illegal
South DakotaYes
South CarolinaNo

What Types Of Trailers And Boats Are Typically Compatible For Towing Together?

You can tow with your boat but not with all kinds. Not all types of boats and trailers are capable of towing together. Can you pull a jet ski behind a travel trailer? Well, let’s find out which can pull:

What Types Of Trailers And Boats Are Typically Compatible For Towing Together


  • Travel Trailers: Cool with all sorts of boat trailer. Especially if you’re rocking a fifth wheel or gooseneck setup.
  • 5th Wheel Trailer: Beast mode for hauling bigger boats or boat trailer. The trailer hitch in the pickup bed for that stability and control vibe.
  • Utility Trailers: Perfect for tiny boat trailers like Jon boats or kayaks. They’re like the chameleons of trailers, super versatile and easy to tow. This trailer tire is also perfect for towing.


  • Small Boats: Kayaks, canoes, and little fishing boats play nice with different trailers. Easy peasy towing.
  • Jon Boats: Flat-bottomed champs that get along with utility trailers. Light as a feather, easy to tow.
  • Bowriders: The cool kids for towing with travel trailers. They’re not heavyweights and rock a slick, streamlined look.
  • Pontoon Boats: Size matters, but with the right setup—hello, fifth wheel or gooseneck tow hitch—pontoon boats can join the tow party.

Equipment Need To Pull A Boat Behind A Travel Trailer?

If everything works out your way, then it is time for towing, right? Yes, but before that, gather the tools.

  • Hitch: Get yourself a hitch that matches your vibe—like a fifth wheel or a gooseneck for that sturdy connection.
  • Know Your Weight Game: Check your ride’s towing capacity. You don’t wanna be pushing speed limits and stressing out your tow vehicles.
  • Safety First: Have on the safety chains and brakes. Especially if you’re hauling a beast of a boat in bad weather.
  • Lights On: Make sure your trailer lights are doing their thing. No one likes a dark road trip. Especially in bad weather.
  • Double Check the Laws: Before you hit the road, suss out the local rules. You don’t wanna be breaking any towing laws, trust me.
  • Pack Patience: Towing ain’t a race. Take it easy on the road, and you’ll get to that boat party in one piece.

How Do You Safely Tow A Boat Behind A Travel Trailer?

Gather all of that? Great! Now, let’s start pulling. The process is pretty simple and involves all kinds of pulling. If you are wondering how to pull a motorcycle trailer with a car, then the process can be different.  Just follow the below steps for the boat:

How Do You Safely Tow A Boat Behind A Travel Trailer

Step 1: Hitch It Right

Make sure your travel trailer’s hitch is up to the task. Opt for a fifth wheel or gooseneck if you’re towing a boat superstar.

Step 2: Truck Check

Your trucks need to be the Hercules of the road. Confirm it can handle the combined weight of the travel trailer and the boat without breaking a sweat.

Step 3: Safety

Don’t forget the safety essentials. Chains are like backups, and brakes are the emergency brakes to keep things in check, especially if your boat and trailer combo weighs over 3,000 pounds or you’re towing in bad weather.

Step 4: Lights

Ensure all your trailer lights are shining bright. No one likes a dimly lit roadshow. Double-check turn signals, brake lights, and the whole shebang.

Step 5: License Lowdown

Know the rules of the road in your state. Some places might want you to have a special license for this towing extravaganza.

Step 6: Common Sense Toolkit

Pack some good common sense. Before hitting the road, do a final sweep. Double-check your hitch, inspect the trailer and boat, and make sure everything’s locked and loaded.

Step 7: Smooth Operator

When you hit the road, be the smooth operator. Stay within the miles per hour limit. Drive with extra caution, take wide turns, and give yourself more space. Your boat’s counting on you for a drama-free ride.

Step 8: Break It Down

When it’s time to hit the trailer brake controller, do it gently. Sudden stops can be a buzzkill for your boat and trailer relationship.

Step 9: Park It Right

Parking can be a puzzle with a trailer duo. Find spots that give you room to maneuver. Practice makes perfect.

Follow these steps, and you’ll be towing that boat behind your travel trailer like a seasoned pro. Safe travels, captain!

What Are The Risks Of Pulling A Boat Behind A Travel Trailer?

Towing a boat behind your travel trailer can be a rad adventure, but let’s be real about the risks. Before knowing about what states can you pull a trailer behind a fifth wheel get to know the risk factors.

First off, it’s like a weightlifting session for your rig. If your truck isn’t ripe enough, you’re asking for trouble. Imagine dragging two heavyweights into the ring, and your truck’s the referee—it’s needed to keep things speed limits. Then there are the chains and brakes.

Forget them, and it’s like hitting the road without a seatbelt. Not cool. Plus, some states drop the knowledge bomb that you need a special license for this towing double feature. Breaking that rule can cost you some.

And let’s not forget parking; it’s a puzzle. Driving a trailer duo takes skills. If you’re not up for it, you might end up in a tight spot, literally. So, it’s a wild ride, but with great power comes great responsibility.

Do You Need A Special License To Pull A Boat Behind A Travel Trailer?

Yes, in some places, especially California, you might need a special commercial driver’s license (CDL) if you’re rocking the double tow—travel trailer and boat. They want to make sure you’ve got the skills to handle the trailer train safely.

Do You Need A Special License To Pull A Boat Behind A Travel Trailer

Other states might put you in a test before handing over the towing vehicle keys. It’s like their way of saying, “Show me you can handle this duo on the road.” So, before you hit the highway with your trailer entourage, check the local rules.

What Are Some Alternatives To Pulling A Boat Behind A Travel Trailer?

Alright, if you’re scared of all those rules and processes. If you want to avoid it, then you can use some alternatives.

  • Roof Rack Rendezvous: Stick your boat on a roof rack if your ride’s up for it. Kayaks and canoes are especially cool with this setup.
  • Toy Hauler Tango: Get a toy hauler RV. They come with a dedicated space in the back for your boat or other toys. It’s like a double-decker adventure.
  • Boat Transport Blues: Hire a professional boat transport service. They handle the towing, and you just kick back and relax.
  • Boat Storage Solution: If your destination has a spot to store boats, leave your water buddy there and pick it up when you’re ready to hit the waves.
  • towing vehicle
  • Boat Rental Rendezvous: Skip the  drama altogether and rent a boat at your destination. Easy peasy, and you don’t have to worry about the tow ratings.

Rather than those, there are so many options. Choose the one that fits your vibe and keeps the adventure flowing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Tow Too Big a Boat Behind An RV?

Towing a massive boat behind your RV can be a bit much. Your RV’s got weight limits and speed limits, and towing a beast of a boat might push it over the edge. Check your RV’s towing capacity, and make sure it’s up for the challenge.

Where Should A Boat Sit On A Trailer?

A boat should sit centered on a trailer, ensuring an even distribution of weight. The boat’s keel, the central spine along the bottom, should align with the trailer’s keel support.

What Holds A Boat On A Trailer?

A boat is typically held on a trailer by a combination of keel support, bunks, and bow stops. The keel, which is the central structural line of the boat’s hull, rests on the keel support, providing stability. Bunks, padded supports along the sides.

What Size Battery Do I Need For My Boat?

To determine the right battery size for your boat, consider the electrical devices on board. If you have minimal electronics and a small engine, a starting battery should suffice.

Can Towing A Boat Impact Fuel Efficiency And Overall Performance Of The Travel Trailer?

Absolutely! Towing a boat can significantly impact fuel efficiency and the overall performance of the travel trailer. The extra weight and aerodynamic drag from the boat increase the load on the towing vehicle, causing it to consume more fuel.


Hope you got your answer about, can you pull a boat behind a travel trailer? Yes, you can. But legal stuff can get in your way. Just like in South Carolina.  And if your state allows you to pull a boat behind a travel trailer, then just the steps. Keep safety things in mind, and you are ready for adventure.

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