What Gear Should I Drive in When Pulling a Trailer? [A Straightforward Guide]




I once read that around 70% of trailer accidents could be due to wrong gear choices. That’s scary.

Then, what gear should I drive in when pulling a trailer.

What Gear Should I Drive In When Pulling Trailer

When it’s pulling a trailer, you gotta be kind to it. Choose a lower gear. It’s like giving your car a little help to carry that big load. Makes the ride smoother and keeps you safer. Just a simple trick, but it works wonders!

You gotta think about a few things, like how heavy your trailer is and what kind of roads you’ll be on. If your trailer is really heavy or you’re going uphill, a lower gear is your best buddy. 

 Key Point: 

  • When pulling a heavy trailer, use lower gears. It helps your car and saves gas.
  • Think about your trailer’s weight and the road’s steepness. Match the gear to these factors.
  • If your car has a ‘haul mode’ or manual mode, use it for better control when towing.

How Many Gears Does The Trailer Have?

Trailers usually don’t have gears like cars. They rely on the tow vehicle’s transmission. Whether it’s a manual or automatic transmission, it’s the car or truck pulling the trailer that manages the gears.

Now, when towing a heavy load like a camper trailer, the transmission plays a big part. For automatic transmissions, the tow haul mode helps. 

How Many Gears Does The Trailer Have

It adjusts gear shifts for the extra weight. In a manual transmission vehicle, you might stay in lower gears longer. This helps with control and fuel economy, especially on steep hills.

With a 6th gear, a towing vehicle can cruise efficiently on highways. But for steep roads or heavy trailers, lower gears like 4th gear or 5th gear are better. They provide more power and help with engine braking. Engine rpms are higher in these gears, which is good for heavy loads.

So, can a 6 cylinder pull a trailer? Yes, but choosing the right gear is key. Depending on the load, a 6th gear is great for light loads on flat roads. But for extra weight, like a heavy trailer hitch or big trailer tires, lower gears in manual mode or tow haul mode are safer.

What Gear Should I Drive In When Pulling A Trailer?

So, when pulling a trailer what gear should you be in? It depends of some factors. Let’s break it down. Some of these pulling a trailer include:

What Gear Should I Drive in When Pulling a Trailer
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Manual Transmission
  • Driving In Hills
  • Driving With Heavy Load

Automatic Transmission

Did you get an automatic car? When pulling a camper trailer or a heavy load, use a lower gear. This helps with control and saves fuel. Your car might have a special ‘haul mode.’ Use it! It helps manage the extra weight better.

Manual Transmission

Driving a manual? You’ll want to choose lower gears, too, especially with a heavy trailer. This keeps the engine happy and helps you control the speed. Remember, don’t rush to shift to 5th or 6th gear. Take it slow.

Driving In Hills

Steep Hills can be tricky. With a manual transmission vehicle, use even lower gears. This gives you power and uses engine braking to help slow down. In an automatic, switch to manual mode on steep roads.

Driving With Heavy Load

Heavy stuff in your trailer? Lower gears are your friend. They help with towing vehicle control and keep engine rpms in a good spot. This means your engine won’t work too hard.

And hey, ever wonder can a Toyota Tundra can pull a gooseneck trailer? It sure can! These trucks are strong and can handle big trailers. Just remember to check your trailer hitch and trailer tires to make sure they’re all good.

Also, when towing, always think about what gear should I drive in while towing. Picking the right gear makes a big difference in safety and fuel economy. Keep it smooth and steady, and you’ll be fine!

What Things Influence The Gear Choice Of Trailer?

When picking the right gear for your trailer, it’s like choosing the best shoes for a hike. You gotta think about what you’re carrying and where you’re going. Here’s the scoop on what affects gear choice:

What Things Influence The Gear Choice Of Trailer

1. The Weight of Your Load

If you’re pulling a heavy trailer, you need a gear that can handle it. Think about a truck full of rocks – you wouldn’t use the same gear as if it were empty, right? 

Heavy loads need lower gears, so your engine doesn’t have to work too hard.

2. Hills And Slopes

Driving on steep hills? You’ll want to use a lower gear, like 4th or 5th, especially with a manual transmission vehicle. This helps control the speed and keeps your engine happy.

3. Fuel Economy

When you’re towing, you want to save on gas. Automatic transmissions can adjust better for fuel economy, but if you’re using manual mode, choose a gear that doesn’t make your engine work too hard.

4. Your Trailer Type

Different trailers, like a camper trailer or a boat, have different needs. For instance, while pulling a boat behind a travel trailer, Sure, but you gotta pick the right gear for both the boat and the trailer. It’s like wearing the right outfit for two different parties on the same day.

5. Road Conditions

On a straight, flat road, you might use 6th gear for a light load. But on a twisty, bumpy road, drop down a gear or two. It’s about matching your gear to the road, like choosing the right dance moves for the music.

Remember, What gear should i tow in? It’s not a one-size-fits-all answer. Think about your load, the road, and your vehicle. It’s like putting together a puzzle – all the pieces need to fit just right!

Is There An Ideal Speed Range For Towing A Trailer In Different Gears? 

Yes, there is an ideal speed range for towing a trailer, and it changes based on the gear you’re using. When you tow something big like a camper trailer, you need to think about the gear and speed.

Is There An Ideal Speed Range For Towing A Trailer In Different Gears

With automatic transmission, it’s easier because the car picks the gear for you. But, if you’re driving with a manual transmission, you have to choose the gear yourself.

And about How do you use gears when towing?- 

It’s all about balance. Use lower gears for extra weight and steep roads and higher gears like 6th gear for light loads on flat roads. Always check your trailer tires and trailer hitch, and make sure your towing vehicle is ready for the journey.

Wondering if you can use a destination trailer as a travel trailer? Find out everything you need to know in our latest blog!

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq’s)

Can I Use Cruise Control When Towing A Trailer?

Yes, you can use cruise control when towing a trailer. If your tow vehicle has an automatic transmission, it’s easier. For heavy loads or steep hills, avoid using 5th or 6th gear. In a manual transmission vehicle, use lower gears like 4th or manual mode for better control.

Is There An Ideal Speed Range For Towing A Trailer In Different Gears?

When towing a heavy trailer, use lower gears (like 4th or 5th) for steep hills. In flat areas, higher gears (the 6th) can save fuel.

Should I Use Overdrive When Towing A Trailer On Level Ground?

When pulling a camper trailer with an automatic transmission, it’s best not to use overdrive on level ground. This helps with fuel economy and stops too many gear shifts. In manual transmissions, picking a lower gear like 4th or 5th can help.

How Does Wind Resistance Affect Gear Selection When Towing?

Wind resistance makes towing harder. Use lower gears like 4th or 5th in a manual transmission vehicle for heavy loads like a camper trailer. Automatic transmission? Try manual mode or tow haul mode.

Final Thoughts

Okay, what gear should I drive in when pulling a trailer, right? If the load is heavy, don’t stay in high gears like 5th or 6th, especially on steep hills. Your car could struggle. It’s smarter to shift down to 4th or even 3rd gear. This helps your engine and can save you gas. Keep those in mind and to ensure a safe drive.

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