Why Are Trailer Homes So Cheap? Reasons & It’ll Reduce Cost Of Living




Key Takeaways :-

  • Trailer homes are more affordable than traditional site-built houses due to various factors, including cost-effective building materials, compact sizes, and mass production.
  • Trailer homes are often lighter and less expensive than those in traditional homes during construction. 
  • Despite lower upfront costs, trailer homes can be a wise investment if purchased carefully and maintained properly, as they can appreciate in value over time.
  • The costs of living in a trailer home, including insurance, repairs, and utilities, can be lower than those associated with traditional homes.

Trailer home has become the talk of the town recently. Because the average price of a site-built home is only that affordable for some. The average price range of traditional housing keeps on jumping here and there. That’s why people are turning to trailer homes as affordable housing options. However, why are trailer homes so cheap?

Why Are Trailer Homes So Cheap

Trailer Homes Cheap Reason :-

Well, it is cheap for various reasons. One of the most valuable reasons is building materials. Trailer homes aren’t built with expensive materials like site-built homes. Another reason is the compact size. It isn’t a big home to live with a big family.

However, does cheap material mean it is unsafe to live? Or the size is too small to live peacefully? Are those questions coming to your mind? To clear out all of your confusion, keep reading.

Why Are Trailer Homes So Cheap?

Is knowing why trailer homes so cheap important? Actually, no, it’s not. However, knowing those reasons will help you pick the best trailer home for you.

 why are trailer homes so cheap

Building Materials

Mobile homes are built in different materials, unlike traditional homes. Mobile homes commonly incorporate materials like OBS boards and vinyl for flooring instead of the pricier hardwood and employ lightweight vinyl-on-gypsum for walls, as opposed to standard drywall. Building materials play a big role in the cost of removing a trailer home ,also the way you buy.

Additionally, these homes employ lightweight steel frames instead of costly brick masonry, keeping costs down. Steel frames prevent rust and support lighter weight on concrete slabs compared to traditional homes.

Those materials used in mobile homes may result in lower durability compared to stick-built houses. However, don’t worry; those materials are still safe to live there for at least 30 years.

Financing Difficulties

According to financial-ombudsman

‘’Financial difficulty is where a borrower can’t make repayments to existing credit, or they can only do so with difficulty because a change in their circumstances took place after the credit was provided.’’

So, Finding a financing option and lot rent is so difficult with these types of homes. People who buy mobile homes sometimes don’t pay their mortgages, so banks don’t want to take the risk. It’s also hard to sell a modular home once you have one. People usually prefer new ones to overused a rocket mortgage, which makes it even harder to get your money back. 

That’s why banks try to get you to buy stick-built homes instead of a mobile home park. They want to make more money out of stick-built homes, of course. Mobile homemakers know that banks don’t like financing manufactured housing, so they make them as cheap as possible. This way, people can save up and buy them without needing a big personal loan. That is why people are running toward mobile homes rather than stick-built homes.

Compact Size

The trailer home has various weights and sizes. Such as smaller ones, called single wides, are cheaper because they use less stuff. Sometimes, makers offer different styles of trailer homes. Some have porches, while others have bigger bathrooms, just like stick-built houses.

These things can change how big the mobile home park is, and that can make it more or less expensive. However, don’t worry, the size isn’t that small. Just like a site-built home The trailer home has 3 to 5 bedrooms. So this is the perfect single-family home.

Most mobile home parks are about 1,184 square foot in size. Doublewides are like two of those put together, so they’re bigger. Even though they’re bigger, they’re still cheaper than a regular house of the same size.

Mass Production

Trailer homes are cheap because they’re made in a manufactured housing institute. They’re not like traditional homes that people build by hand. In a factory, they make different parts for mobile homes, and since the floor plans are pretty much the same, they can do it really fast compared to stick-built houses.

They use a lot of machines in the factory to put the mobile homes together. People are there, too, but the machines do most of the work. This way, they can make a bunch of mobile home parks at once and create a mobile home park. They can produce many trailer homes within a short time. That’s why it is much cheaper.

Low Labor Costs

Stick in building requires a lot of labor. In the construction of mobile homes, the use of machines and automation reduces the need for a large workforce, and the workers involved often require less specialized skills compared to traditional stick-built homes.

This results in reduced labor expenses, making mobile homes more cost-effective for manufacturers and buyers alike rather than site-built homes. So, say goodbye to stick-built homes and save some money.

Shipping Savings

Trailer homes are called that because they can move. They dont get stuck on like stick-built houses. They’re factory-built homes and put on their own wheels. You only need one truck to move a mobile home from the factory to where you want it, like a site-built home.

So, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on delivery like you would with a regular house that needs a bunch of trucks for all the materials. Plus, since mobile homes are not heavy, it doesn’t take as much energy or money to move them around compared to regular houses. That means you save money on transport costs too.

Low Site Preparation Costs

Stick-built houses need a lot of work before they can even start building. First, they have to fix up the land, which can be expensive. They might have to raise it or clear trees. Then, they need a big concrete permanent foundation, which average costs a ton because they use a lot of concrete. And permanent foundation cost more.

Just getting the site ready for a stick-built house can cost a bunch, like several thousand dollars. But trailer homes are different.

They don’t need a full concrete permanent foundation because they’re meant to move. They only need a little bit of permanent foundation for support, like a slab or some piers. This uses a less permanent foundation and gets done faster.

Bulk Purchases of Appliances and Furniture

if you get a new home, except if it’s pre-owned, you’ll likely need to buy your own stuff, like appliances and furniture. This can get expensive because appliances can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. If you want to furnish your place fully, it can cost a lot right when you move in.

But trailer homes are different. When you buy a trailer home, it usually already comes with some furniture and appliances. Manufacturers buy these things in bulk, which saves them money, and that means you save, too. You might have the same furniture as other people with mobile homes, but at least your home is all set up for you.

Simple Design

Simple design is one of the major reasons for trailer homes being cheap. Trailer homes are straightforward in their design. They usually have a single floor, not many windows, and just one door – no complicated features like staircases. Because they’re made in large quantities, there’s no need for an architect to design them. 

Modern manufactured homes can use existing designs to churn out mobile homes quickly and inexpensively. That doesn’t mean all mobile homes look exactly alike, though. They can have different layouts and designs, but the basic design is simple and easy to replicate, which helps keep costs down. But if you want you can renovate the trailer home and make it fancy.


Mobile homes use cheap materials, so they’re not super strong. They won’t hold up well in things like tornadoes or typhoons. Because of this, makers know that most mobile homes will either get wrecked or fall apart in a few decades. They’re not a long-term investment like regular houses.

You can sell used mobile homes, but you won’t get as much money as you would for a regular house. Unless you got your mobile home for really, really cheap, you’ll probably sell it for less than what you paid.

Advantages Of Buying A Trailer Home

There are very few disadvantages of living in a trailer home. You won’t ever go. I regret buying a trailer home. Because there are more advantages than disadvantages. Some of the best advantages are:

Advantages Of Buying A Trailer Home
  • It’s cheaper: Trailer homes cost less than regular houses, so you save money.
  • Quick to build: They’re made in a factory, so they’re ready faster than regular houses.
  • Saves energy: Trailer park homes are good for the environment and cheaper on your bills.
  • Can be customized: You can pick how it looks inside and add stuff you like.
  • Community life: A park owner is like fun stuff like pools and places to play. You can make friends too.
  • Can move it: If you want to live somewhere else, you can take your trailer home with you.
  • Easier to buy: It’s not as hard to get a loan for a trailer home, and you don’t need a big down payment. You can buy without a chattel loan or FHA loan.
  • Lower taxes: You don’t have to pay as much in property taxes.
  • One floor: Most trailer homes are all on one floor, which is good if you have trouble moving around.

Before deciding, should I buy a trailer home in a park? Remember, trailer homes have some downsides, too, like going up in value less than regular houses and needing to find a place to put it. So, make sure to look at both sides. But if you really want to sheft into a trailer home then you can get a sunset camper and start your journey.

How Do The Costs Of Living In A Trailer Home Compare To Traditional Homes?

How Do The Costs Of Living In A Trailer Home Compare To Traditional Homes

I’ve been living in conventional homes for like years now. So, like, living in a trailer home average price less money upfront. It’s, you know, cheaper than today’s manufactured homes. But it doesn’t get more expensive as fast as regular houses. My monthly payments for the mortgage were lower, which was great. And real property taxes didn’t hurt my wallet too much. And the best part is, you can airbnb your trailer! It will bring some extra cash to your bank.

I had to think about insurance, too. Trailer home insurance was cheaper, but I didn’t get as much coverage. And repairs were okay, not too costly, ’cause the place was smaller. The good thing was the utility bills; the place is small. But I had to pay rent for the land in the trailer park. If you own the land, it’s a different story. So, being in a mobile home community actually costs less than stick built home.

Are Trailer Homes A Wise Investment?

Trailer home is like a travel home. You can take it anywhere you want. It is sure cheaper than a built-in home. You can get away from the traditional mortgage and a huge personal property tax.

However, you might wonder if it’s a good investment. If modular homes built right, these homes can be good quality and go up in value like regular homes.

Are Trailer Homes A Wise Investment

If you can’t afford a regular home right now, a manufactured home or trailer home could be a good choice. If you’re careful when you buy one, it can go up in value over time and help you build wealth. If you put your home and leased land together in one loan, you might even be able to use the money you’ve built up sooner. Or you can take advise from Freddie Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Size Trailer Is Best For A Tiny House?

The ideal size for the modular homes trailer typically ranges from 18 to 30 feet in length, with 1,184 square feet being a popular choice. The choice of size depends on your specific needs and local regulations.

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What’s The Best Trailer To Build A Tiny House?

The best trailer for building a tiny house is a deck over trailer. It should have the appropriate weight capacity, structural integrity, and design features to support your tiny house construction.

What Percentage Of US Citizens Live In Trailers?

Around 5.6% of U.S. households lived in a manufactured home community, including manufactured homes and modular homes. This percentage may have changed over time.

How Much Do Mobile Homes Cost?

A mobile home costs $128,000 on average, with single-wide manufactured homes at $87,700 ($90/sq. ft.) and double-wides at $156,300 ($61/sq. ft.). The average price varies by region and amenities.

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How Long Do Mobile Homes Last?

Todays manufactured homes can last for several decades. On average, their lifespan is around 30 to 55 years. However, this can vary depending on factors like construction quality, climate, and maintenance.

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Now, you know why trailer homes are so cheap. So, it’s easy for you to choose the perfect modular homes. A trailer home can be cheap, but it’s not unsafe to live in. You just need to be aware while buying modular homes. If you can choose the best trailer home and maintain it perfectly, then it can last for a decade. So, why take the headache of a loan on a traditional home? Just buy a trailer home and enjoy life.

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